(Surprising) health benefits of glass packaging

ÇWith numerous qualities, namely the fact that it is chemically inert, glass is the ideal packaging material to preserve and protect different foods or beverages.

In a statement, on the occasion of World Health Day, which is celebrated this Thursday, April 7, Friends of Glass, a European consumer forum that promotes the choice of products packaged in glass and the recycling of these packages after use, recalls five unique benefits of glass for our health.

Glass preserves 100% of the nutritional value of food

As it is inert, glass does not react physically or chemically to contact with its contents or the environment. Thus, glass packaging does not remove or add anything to the products they contain. This guarantees the original properties of the food, not only the organoleptic but also the nutritional ones, and the quality, even in prolonged storage.

It is the most food-safe packaging option

Glass packaging does not need inner layers such as varnishes or plastics to prevent permeation or corrosion. Glass can be in direct and safe contact with the food or drinks of the whole family and, thanks to its own inorganic nature and the characteristics of its manufacturing process (very high temperatures, automation and strict quality control protocols), it is It is also an aseptic material, which withstands both microwave use and high temperatures for sterilization, pasteurization or water bath.

It is the only 100% natural packaging option

The composition of the glass is 100% natural (sand, soda ash and limestone) which guarantees the maximum quality of both the packaging and its contents, promoting a ‘guilty-free’ lifestyle. The composition of glass does not involve any element that could be toxic or dangerous, which makes it the only packaging material that has, so far, received the GRAS seal by the Food and Drug Administration in the United States. Glass packaging does not present leaching or migration of the constituent elements, and in particular, does not contain bisphenol A, phthalates, acetaldehydes or other potentially harmful products.

Values ​​the preservation of the original flavor of food

Being a natural, inert and additive-free packaging, it is the only one that does not impart taste or odor to the packaged products, even for long periods of time. Food retains its properties as if it came directly from production into the hands of the consumer.

Looking for a greener lifestyle?

Glass packaging is 100% and infinitely recyclable, in a closed cycle in which the packaging becomes packaging again, without losing any properties or constituent materials. Recycling also saves energy in the production process, reduces CO2 emissions and avoids landfill, so the consumption of glass-packed products benefits everyone’s health and the planet.

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