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We are currently much more informed and much more attentive to health issues. A pandemic in the 21st century may have caught everyone off guard, but it brought us greater awareness of health care, from the way in which the disease itself can manifest and spread to the logistical issues of health management. We are also now more curious on the subject.

The initiative Pfizer Curious comes to answer (many) questions from the Portuguese, linked to the most varied health issues, always in a simple, informative and easy to understand way. Because when it comes to health, curiosity cannot come up against incomprehensible terms. The success of Pfizer Curious brings the project to its third edition.

“Inspired by curiosity, guided by science”

The motto for the initiative could not better describe the symbiosis that gave rise to Pfizer Curious. It is through Pfizer Portugal’s social networks – Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube – that videos on health literacy are shared, in which Portuguese people are informed about various health-related issues in just 5 minutes.

Don’t be wrong if you think that only topics related to diseases are addressed. There is space, in the third season, to talk about heart failure, menopause, burnout syndrome, but also about growth, the skin and its phototypes, counterfeit medicines or even their price and reimbursement.

But the inspiration in curiosity also comes very directly: each comment and each question are read, in order to be able to answer the various questions in the following episodes. The perception of the main concerns allows for greater interactivity and, above all, a public health literacy service. All content is reviewed by Pfizer Portugal doctors.

Rheumatoid arthritis: about 70,000 Portuguese affected

Did you know that the prevalence of rheumatoid arthritis in women is four times higher than in men? And that family history is also a greater risk factor, as well as smoking? Rheumatoid arthritis is a disease with a prevalence of 1% worldwide. In Portugal, it is estimated that 50,000 to 70,000 people have this disease. Find out in this episode of Pfizer Curious What are the symptoms and how is it treated.

In the next episodes…

  • • The burnout syndrome;
  • • Menopause;
  • • Cardiac insufficiency;
  • • Growth;
  • • Phototypes and skin care;
  • • Counterfeiting of medicines;
  • • Price and reimbursement of medicines.

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