The era of digital entertainment services

O ShowmeCAST arrives in its 84th episode with all the most interesting that happened in the last week. Introducing the podcast of showmetech, Felipe Vidal and Arthur Pieri address the topics that most attracted attention in the world of technology, games and culture, through a relaxed and informative chat. In this program we received Letícia Leite, author of Showmetech, to discuss the era of streaming services and how we are inserted in this environment.

ShowmeCAST begins with the emergence of the first streaming services, and it is impossible to separate this milestone from Netflix. The company that is the pinnacle of current streaming is also the pioneer of this way of consuming entertainment.

The subscription vs user need ratio puts our financial priorities in check (image: CNET)

The big debate centers on how much we consume content via streaming, whether movies, series, games, services, tools or music versus how much we pay for it. Do we really need to spend so much money on different apps, and especially, is our money being well spent or are we just stuck in yet another consumerist web of things we don’t need?

O game streaming is also increasingly daring towards consumers, and in the medium future – or short term in certain countries – the consoles may become expendable accessories for a portion of the players.

The era of digital entertainment services - showmecast #84.  Do you use your streaming services well?  On the showmecast we discussed how we are being influenced by digital entertainment
Cloud gaming is now possible with Xbox Cloud Gaming (image: BIT Magazine)

And if you want to know more about this whole story, don’t forget to listen to the new episode of ShowmeCASTyour podcast technology, games, science, culture and many curiosities about what is happening in the world. The program is available on services such as Spotify and anchor.

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