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From basic to more complex tasks, Samsung’s Galaxy Ecosystem contributes to creatively solving everyday challenges

Samsung’s Galaxy Ecosystem provides a powerful experience of connecting your devices. With features ranging from mobile devices, such as smartphones, tablets, notebooks and wearables, to smartwatches and wireless headphones, the integration between these products promotes a more practical and comfortable use for users who do not give up a longer life. connected. See below how this ecosystem can contribute to your productivity.

Starting with the basics, you can’t talk about technology at work without mentioning email exchanges, presentations, and video calling meetings. For these tasks, the benefits of the Galaxy Ecosystem include the ease of receiving these emails and notifications from the most diverse devices, including tablets and smartwatches, for when you are away from your notebook or smartphone. And there is still the possibility to respond to these emails and messages more conveniently, using the tablet in desktop mode with Samsung Dex1.

And when it comes to meetings or video call presentations, it’s easy not to miss any important content through applications like Samsung Notes. In addition to being able to write everything you want with the S Pen, your smartphone notes can be easily retrieved and continued on your tablet or notebook, allowing you to migrate to an even bigger screen without losing information.

Integration across devices to elevate creativity

For professionals who work a lot with the visual part, such as photographers and engineers, the Galaxy Ecosystem is a resource that makes work easier while on the move. From outdoor photo shoots to visits to construction sites, these professionals can access their materials more easily with their tablets while on the go. And when you get to the office or home, editing and note-taking work can pick up right where you left off via your notebook. For this to be possible, the user just needs to connect to the Samsung Account on both devices and have access to the network.

Also in high demand in recent years, audiovisual content creators, such as producers and digital influencers, can use the various Galaxy devices for numerous functions, including tablets as a second wireless monitor.twowith touchscreen capabilities for Galaxy Notebooks to multitask3 with two screens side by side. Tablets, notebooks and even smartphones, which have larger and more immersive screens, are great allies in the creation process, as they become integrated tools to facilitate this work. In addition, with Galaxy Buds wireless headphones, for example, the user can switch the audio between smartphones and tablets in the line in an agile and simple way.

Galaxy Tab S8 5G used as a canvas with palette smartphone and brush S Pen

And for designers and illustrators who work with images full of art and creativity, the Galaxy line has completely innovated the usability of the new Galaxy Tab S8 5G4. With the tablet and a Galaxy S22 Ultra 5G5, which incorporate the S Pen, the user can draw and create on the tablet as on a canvas, using the smartphone as a color palette and the S Pen as a brush. In this way, it is much easier to select the desired colors and strokes without any interruption in the fluidity of the creative process.

1 Samsung DeX supported on select Galaxy smartphones and tablets. Other features only available on supported devices including Galaxy S22, Galaxy Tab S8 and devices running One UI 4.1 or higher. Supported apps may vary and not all can be resizable in Samsung DeX. External display connection accessories sold separately.
two Second Screen feature supported for Galaxy Book Windows PC and Galaxy Tab S7/7+ or later models. (January 2021 Update required for Galaxy Tab S7/S7+) Windows 10 PC models with wireless display capability and Windows 10 version v.2004 or later are required. (Windows Update: September 2020 or later).
3 Some third-party applications may not support Multiple Windows.
4 Enabled for 5G technology. Actual speed may vary depending on country, carrier and user environment. Check with your carrier for availability for more details.
5 Connected to issues of technological innovation and sustainable consumption, Samsung no longer provides the plug charger in the product box (only the USB-C case), however, when purchasing eligible devices, the consumer is entitled to redeem a charger for free. taken. Redemption may be requested within 30 days from the issuance of the Invoice. Delivery will be made to the consumer’s address. See the full regulation at www.samsungparavoce.com.br/.

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