Vitão and Perrone give zero to Vitor Pereira: ‘Ridiculous’; see notes from Timão – 04/06/2022

It was just the debut of Corinthians in Libertadores, but enough to make the fans worried. This Tuesday (5), Timão lost 2-0 to Always Ready in Bolivia, in a result that already puts pressure on the team. With rivals like Boca Juniors and Deportivo Cali in the same bracket, any setback could prove fatal to the club’s ambitions in continental competition.

At Live from Corinthiansprogram of UOL Esporte right after Timão’s matches, journalists Vitor Guedes and Ricardo Perrone evaluated the performance of Corinthians players in the Libertadores debut against Always Ready. In the opinion of commentators, few were saved. They spared no criticism of João Pedro and coach Vitor Pereira.

Check out the notes for Corinthians players and coach:


Vitão – He saved himself. He received several indented balls in the fire and did not compromise on the ball-outs. 6

Perrone – Took a penalty goal and was not to blame in the second – 5.5

João Pedro

Vitão – It’s not his fault for being a football player. Ridiculous acting. He took a ridiculous penalty, like a kid who doesn’t know how to play ball – 0

Perrone – With all due respect to the professional, but he doesn’t have the slightest condition to play for Corinthians. He doesn’t know how to move forward. Was careless in passes – two

john victor

Vitão – It was far from having a safe performance – 4

Perrone – He had an important role in providing relief and he had the lucidity to do so. did not commit – 5.5


Vitão – Failed in the second goal. Slow, it’s out of shape. Missed the goal badly. Felt the altitude. Corinthians defenders play unprotected- two

Perrone – Very bad. Slow, confused. Looked scared to take the ball – 3

Fábio Santos

Vitão – You have to play, because the reserve is Piton. appeared little – 3

Perrone – Tried to play from the inside instead of giving depth. Failed to produce offensively – 4

Du Queiroz

Vitão – He didn’t tag anyone at all. Missed the Always Ready goal. It was bad at absolutely everything – 1.5

Perrone -In the first half, he still managed to do something in the construction of plays. In the second, the difficulty in scoring became more evident – 4


Vitão – Horrible performance. Lost and completely useless in offense and defense. It’s not nine and there’s no more breath to play as an element of surprise – 0.5

Perrone – Sad to see him play so badly. Too bad and lost – 3

Renato Augusto

Vitão – Kicked a dangerous ball. Played a false five, a stupidity – 4

Perrone – There was a start to the game trying to organize and give rhythm to the team, but tiredness came – 4


Vitão – It was unfairly replaced. He tried something and ran. He was stupidly replaced by the technician- 4.5

Perrone – He was one of the guys who managed to do a little something. He helped in the midfield squeeze. He had a little lucidity- 5.5


Vitão – It’s taking time to get in shape – 3

Perrone – It started well and managed to do something. He missed someone to hang out with. It was the only one that gave depth. In the second half, there was no – 4.5


Vitão – He played absolutely nothing – 3

Perrone – There was a play with Willian in the first half. In the second, created a chance, but it is very little – 3


Vitão – It’s not shirt five. It’s debuting, it has credit, but it doesn’t know how to play around there – two

Perrone – A victim of the trainer. Entered a difficult game. There’s his fingerprint on the second goal – 4.5


Vitão – Maintained Jô’s level – 3

Perrone – Another one of the group that came in and couldn’t solve it – 4

Gustavo Mosquito

Vitão – Did not create, but ran – two

Perrone – Couldn’t help change the picture – 3.5

Roger Guedes

Vitão – Another ridiculous performance, with ill will – 1

Perrone – Strolled in the field. At least it didn’t make any big fuss – 3

Lucas Piton

Vitão – Kept Willian’s level – 3

Perrone – Didn’t help at all – 4.5

Victor Pereira

Vitão – Rarely have I given a zero grade with such conviction. Thirteen days of work to climb João Pedro. Did it all wrong. It messed up badly. The team did not fight. It fails to motivate players and get the best out of them. He climbed the team very badly. Ridiculous, once again. It’s not possible that he thinks what he did today is normal – 0

Perrone – Wrong in the lineup. He put João Pedro knowing the difficulty of the game and Paulinho, who was playing poorly. He could not, at any time, solve the difficulties of Corinthians. It messed up badly. Once again, he showed nothing of evolution. All his decisions can be challenged. The only thing I really liked was his coat – 0

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