BB becomes the first bank to offer payment initiation with Pix

Soon, Banco do Brasil (BB) customers who purchase a product or service will be able to initiate payment on the website or application of the private company and complete it in their checking account. The financial institution became the first bank in the country enabled to offer the initiator of payment transaction (ITP) to its customers. Initially, the novelty will be available for downloads via Pix.

Until now, consumers who buy goods and services on websites need to issue a bank slip, enter their credit card details or copy the Pix code and paste it into the bank’s application. With ITP, the process will be simpler.

The new feature allows the customer to initiate payment on the website or app of the company selling the product or service. Then, you will be directly forwarded to the bank’s digital environment, without the need to close the merchant’s website and open the bank’s application, completing the payment after your identification and your consent.

According to Banco do Brasil, Pix was chosen to be the first payment method integrated with ITP because of its high adherence. Currently, the instant payment system, which operates 24 hours a day, accounts for 30% of total banking transactions in Brazil, surpassing transactions via DOC, TED and bank slip.

For companies, ITP brings efficiency gains and reduces costs with the administration of payment services. For the customer, the new system speeds up the payment process and reduces dropouts.

Soon, Banco do Brasil will start offering the service to companies. The technology is being tested as a pilot project.

Pix’s adoption of payment initiation technology was possible after the start of the third phase of the open banking, on the 29th of October. Sharing information on Pix paves the way for future transfers to be made outside financial institutions’ apps.


According to BB, the payment transaction initiator represents a secure technology because the entire process is supervised by the Central Bank. Only institutions approved by the municipality can operate the technology. Payments are completed at the bank where the customer has an account.

Other possibilities for using the ITP are under study. According to Banco do Brasil, it will soon be possible to use the service to hire a service, pay an obligation or even put money in the account.

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