Sound ArtPeaky Blinders: Anna Calvi Presents New EP “Tommy” With “Ain’t No Grave”

Miguel Grazina Barros

“Ain’t No Grave” is part of the “Tommy” EP, out on May 6th via Domino Recordings.

The latest episode of the acclaimed series “Peaky Blinders” world premiered a new song by Anna Calvi titled “Ain’t No Grave”. The new EP is called “Tommy” and includes four new songs – two originals and a cover of “Red Right Hand” – the leitmotif of “Peaky Blinders – originally by Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds, and a cover of Bob Dylan’s “All The Tired Horses”.

“Ain’t No Grave” first appeared during the 5th season of Peaky Blinders, but it assures and underlines the drama of the 6th season. The track channels the tormented Tommy Shelby – played by Cillian Murphy – as Calvi sings: “I see a bunch of angels / They come after me… / Come to me Jesus, come to me”.

Shortly after Calvi began work on the season 6 soundtrack, the singer became pregnant, being forced to develop a new way of recording with other musicians under strict COVID-19 restrictions in London. Calvi then decided to collaborate with Nick Launay – producer of his third studio album “Hunter”, as well as albums by Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Grinderman and IDLES.

The artist composed the soundtrack until the night before the birth of her son Elio, in November 2021, before quickly returning to work and rushing to finish all the music with the first episode of “Peaky Blinders” of the season airing during the first phase of motherhood and the adjustment to her new life.

Talking about the process, Calvi says: «I’ve been playing the character of Tommy Shelby for years, after sounding season 5 and this final season of Peaky Blinders. The only way to write for this series is to get inside his head – I’ve been dreaming about him every night for months, and when I pick up my guitar, I try to play to his inner thoughts. My guitar is his violence and my voice is his hope. I always felt there should be “a song” that sums him up – he is the ultimate anti-hero – murderous, cold, terrifying, and yet he has a deep love for his family and a naive hope that one day he will rise above all else. . I wanted to believe that ‘Aint No Grave’ was the song that was going through his head as he walked in slow motion through his life. I think Tommy will be a part of me forever!”

Also Thom Yorke and his project with Jonny Greenwood, The Smile, were busy with the soundtrack of the new season “Peaky Blinders” and you can hear some songs, here.

The new EP titled “Tommy” can be pre-ordered here.

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