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Those who visit the Bahia Farm Show, between May 31 and June 4, in Luís Eduardo Magalhães (BA), will be surprised by a space prepared with the most modern technology in the countryside, combining comfort, safety and entertainment. . In addition to the grandeur of the machinery and the demonstration of cutting-edge agricultural technology, which in themselves already attract the curiosity of the general public, the organization of the Bahia Farm Show is improving the visitors’ experience. On a tour of the complex, visitors will be able to see video exhibitions in 3D technology, movie theaters, virtual games aimed at the agro world, experimental fields, lectures, training and workshops given by experts.

The test drive track, designed by the concessionaires to test the courage of the drivers and the resistance of the vehicles, is also one of the attractions of the event. Next to the forest, at the strategic stop for a snack, visitors will have access to one of the food courts where sandwiches, hamburgers, pastries, churros, ice cream and sweets, among others, will be offered. One of the exhibitors will set up a “little farm”, which should attract the attention of children. Next to Praça do Museu, an amusement park will also delight children who always visit the complex with their parents and family. In addition to the two food courts, which already existed, the organization opens for the first time a new gastronomy space with food trucks.

“Visitors will have a rich gastronomic experience at the Bahia Farm Show. We will also have two great restaurants, which will be operated by Território Steakhouse and Sakai, which will guarantee, during the five days of the fair, the necessary quality of meals for exhibitors and visitors. Speaking of entertainment, every year, exhibitors of agricultural machinery and agricultural technologies, from financial institutions, and from agribusiness institutions, take advantage of the fair to relate to the most diverse audiences, and bring entertainment, games and gifts, providing more dissemination of knowledge. It is a space for exchanging experiences and learning about the world of agribusiness”, says the executive director of the Bahia Farm Show, Alan Malinski.

“This year we are also using technology to facilitate entry into the complex. Tickets can be purchased in advance by scanning a QR to enter the complex, avoiding queues. As in the last editions, ample free parking, a call center, medical center, restrooms and 24-hour security will be available, all so that visitors have the best experience when visiting the stands in the complex. As the fair, in its essence, is a space destined to close deals and transfer knowledge and technology to the rural man, there are no music shows inside the complex, and we continue to restrict the consumption of alcoholic beverages on the fair’s premises, which will open for five days, from 9 am to 7 pm”, reinforces Odacil Ranzi, president of the fair’s organizing body, the Association of Farmers and Irrigators of Bahia (Aiba).

Walking through the streets, 100% paved, most of which are covered, the public will be able to check out the exhibition by renowned photographer Rui Rezende, portraying the natural beauties and agricultural production of the Bahian cerrado. This year, for the first time, visitors will have access to the Praça do Museu, where it will be possible to travel back in time and see old machines and vehicles that have already been used in the field. The new area with 1,920 m² is part of the expansion of the fair which, in this edition, will have 14 new islands for exhibition and a total area of ​​190 thousand m². In the area of ​​family farming, visitors will be able to check out Bahian handicrafts and delights from the land, such as food, sweets and ice cream with typical fruits from the cerrado. The organization’s expectation is that around 65,000 people circulate at Bahia Farm during the five days, maintaining the average number of visitors seen in the last editions of the event.

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