Barraco no Power Couple Brasil: Matheus and Hadballa find each other strange and there is almost no physical aggression; check out

Belo Horizonte, May 9, 2022, by Renata Schmidt – There is no denying that, if the people like shacks, Power Couple Brasil is delivering this type of entertainment with praise. Like yesterday’s program, Sunday (08) that almost had physical aggression. As the Prime Diary’s entertainment notebook couldn’t leave you out, here we inform you about all the fuss.

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The fight between the participants started because of the dynamics of the day at Power Couple Brasil. The couples had to comment on the biggest disappointment and reception they had on the reality show. When it was the turn of the couple Brenda and Matheus, the nudges were not spared.

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Power Couple Brasil has another case of a big fight in a short time on the show

Hadballa, within the dynamics of the day, decided to counter Brenda’s comments about disappointment in the program. So, at that moment, Matheus couldn’t stand it and fired something that was the trigger for the confusion. He called the former BBB sexist, something that was highlighted by the web about his personality since BBB20.

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Without controlling himself, Hadballa advanced against Matheus, forcing the other participants to hold the “fighters”. But anyone who thinks they stopped there is wrong. When the mood seemed to calm down, Cartolouco began to destroy the scene, disgusted with the situation. “Didn’t you applaud that outside? Now live it in here! Is not cool? Enjoy it!”, said the boy.

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Carthout makes Hadballa cry with his lines

Commenting on the disappointments and receptions he had at Power Couple, Cartolouco declared that Anne and Fr Lanza welcomed him very well, unlike Rogério and Baronesa, who were his disappointment.

However, disgusted with the game, the youtuber “vomited” what he thought about the experiences there: “We are dolls of the system. We never fought, but that’s what people want us to do. It’s the game, we subjected ourselves to it”.

In return for his protests, the boy spoke about the sincere friendship he created with Hadballa. He commented that he did not hold on to the web’s appeals about the sexist way of the ex-BBB, making him cry.

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