City Hall and Environmental Police start…

Environmental Military Police, environmentalists and environmental managers from the Marília City Hall met last Friday, May 6th, initiating actions that aim to spread environmental education among the population and guide owners and environmentalists to reduce the environmental damage caused by urban fires.

According to the Chief of Environment, Cassiano Rodrigues Leite, the fires cause irreparable environmental damage, unbalancing the entire ecosystem.

“Urban fires have serious consequences for the health of the population and ecosystem balance. Respiratory diseases worsen mainly among the elderly and children, and the entire food chain is compromised between species, causing irreversible damage to our fauna and flora, where we lose great varieties of plant species, in addition to nests and chicks. We are starting campaigns to make the population aware of these fires, where we will act through environmental education with schools and neighborhood by neighborhood, also reaching adults, in addition to practical actions in the environmental area, through preventive actions, such as building firebreaks and training for fight possible fire outbreaks at the beginning”, said the Environmental Manager.

The 1st Lieutenant of the 4th Company of the Environmental Military Police, Cleber Rodrigues Ventrone, highlights the importance of environmental education actions promoted in the municipality and guides the population on procedures in extreme situations.

“We are passing on to the population the guidelines received during the training we receive annually through Operation Corta-Fogo, whose action strategies are to prevent, monitor, control and combat the outbreaks of fires. With the drought period approaching, the driest period of the year, which mainly encompasses the months of June, July and August, environmental education actions on the subject are extremely important and must be widely propagated, where we try to guide the population about the dangers caused by the practice of fires and their consequences. When you see suspicious smoke or a fire in the forest, immediately notify the Fire Department, by calling 193, or contact the Civil Defense of the municipality. When contacting the emergency bodies, remain calm and inform the precise location of the occurrence, the reference points and tips on how to reach the scene. If possible, provide geographic coordinates of the fire in more remote areas. Respond calmly to questions from attendants. Leave your contact details in case you need more information about the incident. We clarify that causing fires is a crime, subject to penalties provided for in current environmental legislation”, said the 1st lieutenant.

The campaign began with the Doce Futuro and AgroFloresta projects, which will receive firebreaks and other preventive measures to combat fires.

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