Municipality of Jardim, in the South Center, will gain a new Health Unit

May 9, 2022 – 10:55 am
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The old building is undergoing restructuring and will be almost triple its original size, which will contribute to reducing the displacement of the population, which seeks emergency care in Barbalha.

Jardim is the second oldest city in the southern region of Ceará, and is located 542.04 km from Fortaleza. The municipality will gain a new Health Care Unit that will be delivered later this year by the Government of Ceará. The 640 m² building, which housed the former Wilson Roriz Mixed Health Unit, founded in the late 1970s, is undergoing renovation and expansion work.

The old building functioned as a Health Unit serving the population until the end of the 1980s. After that, it also housed the Health Center and, currently, it was closed, functioning only as a school bus garage.

Recently, the Government of Ceará, responding to an old demand from Jardim residents, who often needed to seek care in Barbalha, prepared a project to take advantage of that space in the construction of new health equipment for the municipality.

“Cariri, in the last 30 years, has developed a lot. But, on the other hand, Jardim did not follow the growth of the region. Our hospital is very precarious, which increases the population’s desire for improvements in the health structure of the municipality. For the people, this is the most important work we have today. Our intention is to maintain a much broader medical care for the population when the new Health Unit is in operation”, says the mayor of Jardim, Anizário Jorge Costa.

The new space will have an added area of ​​955 m², which adding the existing building will total 1,595 m², where the population will be able to count on a more modern and adequate structure for emergency care, reducing the need to travel to other municipalities.

The project was prepared by the Superintendence of Public Works (SOP), which preserved the main characteristics of the old building, adding other buildings to the space, improving the circulation of vehicles and people in the unit. Including creating exclusive access for ambulances separate from the entrance used by visitor vehicles and services.

“The municipality of Jardim is the gateway to Cariri, it borders Porteiras, Jati, Penaforte and the state of Pernambuco. Therefore, this work, once completed, will bring more convenience to the residents of the region who need health care”, says the assistant superintendent of SOP buildings, Caio Timbó.

The new Unit will have the necessary structure to perform outpatient care and be able to receive less complex emergency cases. The new equipment will have reception, playroom, risk classification, female and male public toilets, female toilets and accessible male toilets, social worker, same, archive, plaster room, suture room, laboratory, warehouse, sterilization, purge , resuscitation room, equipment room, utilities room, storeroom, place reserved for ambulances, accessible bathroom, reception 1 and reception 2, 3 general practice offices, 3 pediatric offices, 1 dental office, pharmacy, medication room and misting, x-ray room, pantry, male and female toilets for employees, kitchen and laundry.

The work has investments of approximately R$ 6 million and is currently over 50% complete. SOP is responsible for supervising the works, where services are being carried out to complete the roof, waterproof the gutters, plaster, floor, electrical and water-sanitary installations of the buildings and interlocked flooring in the external area.


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