Festival Arte no Autumn presents MPB artists in Campos do Jordão until June

This Saturday (14), singer Sandra de Sá performs on stage at the Cláudio Santoro Auditorium, at 7 pm

Singer Sandra de Sá will bring all her talent and experience to the stage of the Claudio Santoro Auditorium, in Campos do Jordão, on May 14, at 7pm. In a show that brings together different rhythms, such as MPB, soul, samba and funk, the repertoire will cover classics such as Pictures and Songs, Play Away, Bye Bye Sadness and Colorful eyes. A show created and directed by the singer, which promises emotion and joy.

THE Autumn Art Festival takes, once again, great names of MPB to Campos do Jordão until June 25th.

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Alceu Valença – Saturday 21st

A lot of inspiration and poetry will reach the public with the unique repertoire of Alceu Valença, who will bring on May 21, at 7 pm, voice and guitar versions of hits such as Belle de Jour, Anunciação, Tropicana, Táxi Lunar and Coração Bobo, in addition to unreleased songs like Era Verão and Saudade. The show that will win the Claudio Santoro Auditorium Stage comes from the series of acoustic albums released throughout 2021.


Zélia Duncan & Paulinho Moska – Friday 3rd

The friendship and songs of Zélia Duncan and Paulinho Moska will be gathered on the stage of the Claudio Santoro Auditorium, bringing the Um Par Ímpar tour to the top of Mantiqueira, on June 3rd, Friday, at 7pm. For the first time in their careers, the repertoire features versions of this partnership and compositions such as A Idade do Céu, Carne e Osso, O Tom do Amor, Sinto Encanto, among other hits.

In this great meeting, the public will come across the reflections of talent and art, bringing the lightness and intensity of a show prepared with great care.

Renato Teixeira & Yassir Chediak – Saturday 4th

Warming the hearts in another night of the Arte no Autumn Series, the show Um Legado, by Renato Teixeira, one of the icons of Brazilian country music, accompanied by the guitar player Yassir Chediak, will take the audience on another exciting musical journey at the Claudio Santoro Auditorium. , in Campos do Jordão. With classics such as Romaria and Tocando em Frente, the artists will bring to the stage the essence of the interior that, together with the contemporary, produces an increasingly authentic art.

Chico Cesar & Geraldo Azevedo – Saturday 11th

The love for music will be represented by the northeastern duo on the stage of the Cláudio Santoro Auditorium, on June 11, Saturday, at 19 pm. Bringing the strength of Brazilian music through their talents to the highest city in Brazil, Chico Cesar and Geraldo Azevedo come together for this great show, Violivoz, enchanting the audience that already appreciates the songs of each artist and that now can also enjoy the compositions made from this union. The Art in Autumn Series awaits you for an incredible night, to the sound of classics such as Mama Africa, White Day, At First Sight and Menina do Lido and much more.

Lenine & Bruno Giorgi – Saturday 18th

The night of June 18th is already the right destination for you who are looking for a unique musical experience. “Rizoma”, a tour by renowned singer-songwriter Lenine accompanied by his son Bruno Giorgi, arrives in Campos do Jordão bringing the inspiration that connects the public to different musical paths. Songs present in his discography, such as Paciência, Jack Soul Brasileiro, Castanho e Martelo and Bigorna, will be part of the repertoire with reinterpretations that capture elements of the original recordings and bring new sound experiences to the stage.

Gal Costa – Saturday 25th

The last show of the Art Series in Autumn takes place on June 25th and welcomes singer Gal Costa on stage at the Claudio Santoro Auditorium. On the tour “The Various Points of a Star”, Gal unites the classic works of his career with compositions by Milton Nascimento, Chico Buarque, Caetano Veloso and other names that are part of his discography. Bringing to Campos do Jordão an unmissable show with a repertoire that includes songs like Paula and Bebeto; My Voice, My Life; Baby; A Sunday day and many other unforgettable classics, the show will close the Art Series in Fall 2022 in style.

All shows start at 7pm, with tickets on sale through Sympla (R$80 full and R$40 half price). The event, which began in April, has attracted visitors from all corners of the country and marks the resumption of tourism in Campos do Jordão in style.

“This event is part of the social sustainability project of the Quebra-Noz Hotel, which is proud to help provide the public in Campos do Jordão with shows featuring exponents of MPB”, celebrated Sidney Isidro, director of the Quebra-Noz Hotel in Campos do Jordão, a of the official sponsors of the event.

Autumn Art Festival

Cláudio Santoro Auditorium – Avenida Doutor Luís Arrobas Martins, 1880, Alto Boa Vista, Campos do Jordão;
Tickets: R$80 (full) and R$40 (half), through the Sympla link; https://site.bileto.sympla.com.br/artenooutono/
Information: (12) 3662.6000 or [email protected]

It is mandatory to present the Proof of Vaccination to guarantee access to the events.

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