For more than 10 years Associação Amigos do Esporte has carried out a social project in Paranaguá

The Associação Amigos do Esporte, from Paranaguá, promotes free sports activities for children from 4 years old. Training takes place from Monday to Friday, from 9 am to 10 am and from 2 pm to 4:30 pm in the Nilson Neves neighborhood.

The association is a project maintained by the Municipality of Paranaguá, through the sports incentive law, and has been active for over 10 years encouraging the practice of sports in children in the city.

According to Professor Carlos Mendes, responsible for the Associação Amigos do Esporte, the result has been satisfactory. “Very satisfactory, we work the technical part of the youngster with foundation and a lot of discipline, but the main objective is to keep these children’s heads busy so that they get away from any danger, some athletes who trained in our association became players and we were very satisfied with this, but the result of this work of more than 10 years is very satisfactory for all of us”, he highlighted.

All activities are free and take place in the Meu Campinho project, installed next to the 8th Fire Brigade Group, in the Nilson Neves neighborhood. According to Mendes, it is a work to include children in sports and also a way to keep them away from crime. “Mainly keep the child busy and well away from this evil, in addition to drugs, we also want children to leave their cell phones, video games aside at least for a few hours a day and focus on football. Nowadays, with so much technology, it is difficult to keep them away from these devices, but we do everything to ensure that during the period when children or adolescents are here, they disconnect a little from technology and focus on sport”, said the teacher and responsible for the association. .

The parent or guardian who wants to have their child participate in the activities of Associação Amigos do Esporte must take the child to the training site during the week to start classes. Carlos Mendes pointed out that there is school monitoring through the newsletters of children and adolescents who play sports in the association. “All you have to do is come to Meu Campinho do Nilson Neves, from Monday to Friday, in the morning from 9 am and in the afternoon from 2 pm. We work every day of the week and we don’t stop our activities, it’s just with a lot of rain that we don’t carry out training to preserve the health of young people, but we ask that parents keep their child’s attendance, it’s no use coming one day a week and missing three , we want regularity so that the work of results”, reported

“Nothing is paid, because the City Hall of Paranaguá maintains this project in partnership with the Department of Sports and there is nothing missing for us to carry out this work, bring your children, grandchildren, nephews who will be welcome”, he added.

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