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The shows “NAU”, “Barcarola Encantada” and “De como become invisible to fit in my spirit” were the winners of the Adult Show, Children’s Show and Performance categories, respectively, of the 28th Braskem Theater Award.

The delivery ceremony for the most traditional award for the performing arts in Bahia took place on the night of this Wednesday (18), on the main stage of the Castro Alves Theater (TCA), in Salvador.

  • With a tribute to the centenary of Dias Gomes, the Braskem Theater Award ceremony marks the resumption of scenic art in Bahia
  • Braskem Theater Award announces Bahian shows and artists nominated for works in 2020 and 2021

Luiz Antonio Sena Jr. won the Direction trophy for his work in the play Para-iso. Caio Rodrigo, Daniel Farias and Ian Fraser won the Text category for the show Ensaio para uma redempção.

Ceremony of the Braskem Theater Award reveals awardees of scenic art in Bahia — Photo: Disclosure

Vagner Jesus was awarded in the Actor category, for the play Manual como Conta a Mighty Race, and Evana Jeyssan was elected Actress for Gota D’água. The Revelation of this edition was Ninha Almeida for her performance in O Salto. Eliete Teles and Rubenval Meneses won the Special category for the construction of the dolls in Metamorfose.

The winners received R$30,000 for the best Adult, Children’s and Performance shows and the others received R$5,000 each, in addition to the trophies.

The award ceremony was marked by a great theater party on the TCA stage, with a tribute to the centenary of Bahian playwright Dias Gomes. Directed by Gil Vicente Tavares

“It was a ceremony within the theatrical spirit, of acting, of the opposite scene. Being able to step foot in this temple of Bahian theater has an inestimable value. It was wonderful”, said the director. The winners also highlighted the excitement of returning to the stage with the audience present during their speeches.

“This award is a symbol of our resistance, which even during the pandemic we managed to produce”, highlighted Eliete Teles, who won the Special category.


  • ADULT SHOW Category
    Monga’s Daughter
    Rehearsal for a redemption
    drop of water
    For this
  • Category CHILDREN’S SHOW
    Enchanted Barcarola
    Stories from the World
    A Body of Words
  • PERFORMANCE Category
    Live File
    present body
    Of how I became invisible to fit my spirit
  • SPECIAL Category
    Eliete Teles and Rubenval Meneses – for the construction of the Metamorphosis puppets
    Felipe Mimoso – for the Musical Direction of NAU and Bonipaxé
    Gabriel da Conceição Teixeira – for the direction of photography of Gota D’Água
    Maurício Martins – by the Art Direction of Dédalus
    Rino Carvalho, Lucimaureen Agra and Saulus Castro – by Jonas Scenography: inside the big fish
  • TEXT Category
    Caio Rodrigo, Daniel Farias and Ian Fraser – for the text of Essay for a Redemption
    Denisson Palumbo – by the text of Jonas: inside the big fish
    Gildon Oliveira – for the text of Pequenas Histórias de Impossíveis Amores
    Luiz Antônio Sena Júnior – by the text of Para-iso
    Luiz Marfuz – for the text of A Filha da Monga
  • ACTRESS Category
    Chica Carelli – for her performance in Fragmentos de um Teatro Decomposto
    Evana Jeyssan – for her performance in Gota D’Água
    Isadora Werneck – for her performance in Pensamentos de Paz during an Airstrike
    Thaiz Patez – for her performance in Bella Cenci
    Zeca de Abreu – for his role in A Filha da Monga
  • ACTOR Category
    Agamenon de Abreu – for his performance in Xô Xuá – A samba for Riachão
    Diogo Lopes Filho – for his performance in His Excellency Oscar da Penha, the Batatinha
    Lúcio Tranchesi – for his performances in Terrarium and Essay for a Redemption
    Saulus Castro – for his performance in Jonas: inside the big fish
    Vagner Jesus – for his role in How to Contain a Powerful Race Manual
  • REVELATION Category
    Daniel Marques – for the performance and direction of The Glass Zoo
    Hyago Matos – by the Directions of Antigona and As Centenarians
    Isac Tufi – by the direction of Bonipaxé
    Ninha Almeida – for her performance in O Salto
    Oliveira Pedreira – directed by Jeniffer
  • MANAGEMENT Category
    Elisa Mendes – Directed by Bella Cenci
    Luiz Antônio Sena Júnior – for the direction of Para-iso
    Rino Carvalho – by the Directions of “Jonas: inside the big fish” and Histórias do Mundo
    Thiago Romero and Daniel Arcades – for the Direction of NAU
    Vinícius Lírio – by the direction of Gota D’Água

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