Dynatrace joins forces with technology leaders to release OpenFeature

Software intelligence firm Dynatrace announced on Thursday that it, along with a consortium of other technology leaders, has submitted OpenFeature to the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) for consideration as a Sandbox project. The consortium includes Dynatrace, LaunchDarkly, GitLab, Split, Flagsmith and CloudBees.

According to the company, the signaling and resource management solutions allow DevOps and SRE teams to enable and disable application functionality at runtime without implementing new code. This simplifies and accelerates delivery of personalized experiences, A/B testing, and potential issue mitigation. This approach is essential for modern continuous delivery practices. However, individual teams within organizations often use a variety of resource management and signaling solutions, each with a unique, proprietary approach. This results in significant onboarding work and vendor dependency.

OpenFeature enables Cloud-native teams to streamline feature release and adopt progressive delivery, along with other modern SRE and DevOps practices

OpenFeature will address these challenges by allowing teams to use any signaling or resource management solution that supports this standard without additional integration or re-architecting. Additionally, by facilitating the integration of flagging and resource management into the DevOps toolchain, OpenFeature will enable Dynatrace customers to extend responsiveness and intelligent automation to applications enabled to flag resources at scale.

The need for a standard that simplifies approaches to signaling and resource management is underscored by the consortium companies as well as industry analysts. “Feature flagging and management gives development teams greater agility and confidence as they identify the most impactful features in their applications. Establishing this OpenFeature standard will allow teams to more easily adopt the best solution without introducing new integration requirements. This creates a smoother user experience for DevOps and SRE teams and allows them to focus on delivering better and faster software,” said Daniel O’Brien, Ecosystem Engineer at LaunchDarkly.

“Developers often face friction resulting from managing a wide variety of resource management and flagging tools. When teams are measured by release speed and quality and by automating manual tasks, removing this friction is essential. OpenFeature enables a frictionless experience, which in turn increases efficiency and iterability,” noted Brendan O’Leary, Team Development evangelist at GitLab.

“Currently, the wide variety of approaches makes it difficult to configure and integrate feature flagging into a broader development toolchain and delivery pipeline. OpenFeature enables Cloud-native teams to streamline feature release and adopt progressive delivery, along with other modern SRE and DevOps practices. At Dynatrace, we will embed this information natively into our Davis AIOps engine to help teams understand the impact of features on performance, resiliency, and the digital experience. By working with a consortium of industry leaders to create this new open standard, we are taking a big step towards reducing complexity and freeing up more time for innovators to deliver amazing new digital experiences to their customers,” said Alois Reitbauer, Cloud CPO. Dynatrace Automation.



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