OSUECE celebrates the 1922 Modern Art Week in a symphonic concert on June 2 at Cineteatro São Luiz

May 24, 2022 – 10:30 am

OSUECE concert held on April 30th. Photo: Guilherme Silva

The Ceará State University Symphony Orchestra (OSUECE) returns to the stage at Cineteatro São Luiz on June 2nd, for a symphonic concert at 7pm. This is the second performance of the 2022 Season, which started at the end of April, with a full audience. Tickets, at popular prices, are already on sale at the Cineteatro box office and on the Sympla website for R$20.00 (full) and R$10.00 (half).

For the month of June, OSUECE presents a special concert related to the Week of Modern Art of 1922. The repertoire, while referring to that week, shows a set of works by composers from different countries, composed in the period that involves the last quarter of the 19th century and the first quarter of the 20th century. XX. This period became known as “Belle Époque”, a French cultural movement that implemented a considerable set of changes in different areas of knowledge in several countries, including Brazil and the Modern Art Week of 1922.

The period is also the birthplace of the nationalist movement in music, making the musical elements characteristic of each country into fundamental material of symphonic expression in particular. From there emerged composers such as Albéniz in Spain, Ponce in Mexico, Villa-Lobos in Brazil, among many others. Modernism in music from this time is characterized, among other things, by this wave of national expressions, giving rise to a genre per se, which remains alive to this day. The concert will be conducted by Alfredo Barros (principal conductor) and William Ciríaco. Partnership: Cineteatro São Luiz, equipment of the Secretary of Culture of the State managed by the Instituto Dragão do Mar (IDM).

The OSUECE project is a triple action of teaching, research and extension that acts as a strong unifying agent for musicians from different social strata and students enrolled in higher education courses at UECE. It is above all a youth orchestra that is committed to social and academic inclusion. It opens perspectives for guidance and support to those music students looking for an opportunity to enter university. The Dean and Vice-Rectory of UECE, the Pro-Rectory of Extension – PROEX, have given very important support to the Orchestra.

Created in August 2009, OSUECE It has a varied set of works in its repertoire, by Brazilian composers in general, with special emphasis on young composers from Ceará who are active in the Bachelor of Composition at UECE, arrangements and adaptations of great popular works and works from the traditional symphonic repertoire.

It is formed by about 65 members distributed among the wood, brass, percussion and strings suits. The direction and titular regency is of prof. Alfredo Barros, conductor and composer, PhD in Musical Arts from the University of Texas, Austin, USA. Professor of composition at the UECE Music Course, the maestro has been developing artistic projects of this nature since 1988.


The UECE Symphony Orchestra has already attracted the attention of important musicians, festival teachers and conductors, such as the violist Carlos Boltes (Chilean living in the USA), who in July 2011 soloed with the Orchestra the Concerto for Viola and Orchestra by GP Telemann. The singer Marina de la Riva in January 2012 performed with OSUECE in Fortaleza, having mentioned in a very complimentary way the work of the young musicians of the orchestra.

In 2013 OSUECE participated in the recording of the DVD “Homenagem do Ceará aos 100 anos de Luiz Gonzaga”, with Adelson Viana, Waldonys and Rodolfo Forte, Manassés and Nonato Luiz, among others. In the same year, he performed the closing concert of the Fórum Harmonicas Brasil, at the CDMAC Amphitheater, with the harmonica player José Staneck as a soloist.

In February 2016, the Praça Verde of the Dragão do Mar Center of Art and Culture was packed with a concert in honor of the composer and poet Humberto Teixeira, with the participation of the accordionist Adelson Viana and the singers Marina Cavalcante, Paulo Belim, Marcos Caffé and Calé. Alencar. The concert was broadcast live on TV Ceará.

Over the years, the Ceará State University Symphony has been carrying out two different projects at Theatro José de Alencar: Chamber Concerts Series, with presentations by subgroups of the orchestra in the Foyer, and Symphonic Concerts Series on the main stage, always with a full audience. And it was also fully booked that the 2016 season ended in November, with a repertoire of themes from great films.

In May 2017, at Centro de Eventos do Ceará, OSUECE was the orchestra that accompanied tenor José Carreras in the highly applauded concert of the tour A Life in Music. The conductor of the UECE Symphony, Alfredo Barros, rehearsed the group, which in the presentation was led by the tenor’s principal conductor, the Spanish David Gimenez. In October, the Orchestra was an attraction alongside accordionist Waldonys in a performance open to the public, in the Open Parking of Shopping RioMar Fortaleza. The presentation was part of the “AVC has Repair” campaign, promoted by the Brazilian Society of Cerebrovascular Diseases (SBDCV), to alert the population about preventive measures against the disease.

Also in 2017, in November OSUECE opened the cultural program of Ceará Natal de Luz in Praça Portugal with an open-air concert interpreting Christmas themes with singers Giorgi Gelashvili and Liana Fonteles. In December, he presented at Beach Park the show in honor of the composer and poet Humberto Teixeira.

On March 26, 2018, the Orchestra held a concert on a night to commemorate the 60th anniversary of Cineteatro São Luiz, equipment of the Secretary of Culture of the State of Ceará. It was a concert with a repertoire of themes from renowned films such as Indiana Jones, ET – The Extraterrestrial, The Mission and the Star Wars saga, including themes from Princess Leia, Master Yoda and Darth Vader.

In August of the same year, OSUECE celebrated nine years of existence with a symphonic concert at Theatro José de Alencar, conducted by Alfredo Barros, Rélmerson Lima and Willian Ciríaco. On that occasion, he presented Morceau de Concerto, for Horn and Orchestra, with soloist Robson Lima; Haydn’s Symphony 101; Overture Finland by Jean Sibelius; Batuque by Lorenzo Fernandez and Danzón by Arturo Márquez.

In October, the OSUECE concert at Theatro José de Alencar had as guest conductor Inez Martins, a professor at the State University of Ceará. The orchestra presented Die Zaubertflöte, K.620 – “Ouverturen” (Wolfang Amadeus MOZART), Concerto for two violins in D minor (Johann Sebastian BACH), with soloists Paulo César de Oliveira Lima and Francisco Diego de Lima Cavalcante, Pavane, op. 50. (Gabriel FAURE), twome Suite de Concert pour Orchestre d’ópera Carmen – “Habanera”. (Georges BIZET) and Symphony No. 8, D.759 in B minor. (Franz SCHUBERT).

The OUECE 2019 season opened on May 24 at Cineteatro São Luiz, with a repertoire of traditional Galician music, with the guest singer Uxía, considered the grande dame of Galician music and one of its greatest ambassadors. The arrangements presented were by the Galician composer Zeltia Montes and conducted by the conductor Alfredo Barros. In the second semester, OSUECE was the guest orchestra in the celebration of the centenary of the Colégio Militar de Fortaleza in August, performing a concert at Theatro José de Alencar.

Praça Portugal and Teatro RioMar also hosted OSUECE concerts throughout the year, sponsored by Unimed Fortaleza. The last symphonic concert of 2019, held in December at Cineteatro São Luiz, had as guest violinist Carol Panesi, winner of the Music Professionals Award – PPM 2019 as Author and Female Instrumentalist, and the MIMO Instrumental Award 2018.

OSUECE opened the 2022 season on April 30, with a symphonic concert at Cineteatro São Luiz, with a full house, presenting works by renowned ballets such as “Quebra-Nozes” and “O Lagos dos Cisnes”, by Tchaikovsky, waltzes by Strauss, “Fidelio”, by Beethoven, suite “Carmen”, by Bizet, among others. The concert was conducted by Alfredo Barros and Rélmerson Lima.


To access the Cineteatro’s in-person program, it is mandatory to present the vaccination passport with two doses or a booster dose (up to 6 months after the application of the single dose vaccine) for people aged 18 years or over, accompanied by an official document with Photograph.


OSUECE Symphony Concert – June 2nd, at 7pm, at Cineteatro São Luiz (Rua Major Facundo, 500 – Centro, Fortaleza/CE). Tickets: R$ 20.00 (full) and R$ 10.00 (half), on sale at the Cineteatro box office and on the Sympla website:



2016 Season Opening Concert, Michelle Lucena, Piano

Cotton – UECE Symphony Orchestra

Assum Preto – Homage to Humberto Teixeira

OSUECE – Season 2015 (25/05)

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