″With caution, but without alarm.″ Graça Freitas ″concerned″ about the circulation of Covid during popular parties

The director-general of Health, Graça Freitas, assumes “some concern” regarding the high number of contagions in Portugal, especially among the elderly. In statements on the Forum TSFGraça Freitas reveals, however, that at this moment “we have reached a plateau”.

“I look at these with caution and with some concern, but not with alarm. It is true that we have a very high number over 80 years old and also in the age group of 70 to 79. But at the moment, despite everything, we have achieved in terms of new cases a day, a plateau.”

Despite the situation, Graça Freitas explains that the fact that the R value is on a plateau “does not mean that we are rested with this situation. , made an inflection and in the meantime the sixth wave originates”.

The director-general of Health says that the population “must be aware” of the high number of infected people because “the lethality and severity are low, if there are many cases in the population, we will obviously have more hospitalizations and more deaths”.


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