Health Department sends technical note to municipalities advising on testing for Covid-19 |

The Secretary of State for Health (SES), through the Undersecretary of Surveillance and Primary Health Care (SVAPS), sent a technical note to the 92 municipalities this Friday (03.06) with guidelines on testing for Covid-19 in the state. The text warns that basic and emergency care units maintain the offer of rapid antigen test for all cases of flu syndrome.

The measure aims to make diagnosis accessible to everyone who seeks public health services and maintain monitoring of the epidemiological scenario of Covid-19 in the state. In addition, carrying out the exam allows, in confirmed cases, containment measures to be adopted, preventing the transmission of the disease.

For confirmed cases of the disease, SVAPS recommends isolation of seven to ten days. If the patient is on the seventh day without having respiratory symptoms, fever and without using antipyretic drugs for at least 24 hours, isolation can be seven days. And ten days if, on the seventh day, the patient still has respiratory symptoms or fever. In cases where the patient reaches the tenth day of isolation still showing symptoms, it is recommended to maintain isolation until he completes 24 hours without symptoms and without fever, regardless of the weather.

Tested positive for Covid-19?

7 DAY ISOLATION – If, on the seventh day, you have no respiratory symptoms, no fever and no use of antipyretic drugs for at least 24 hours, you can leave the isolation and, in this case, it is not necessary to carry out a new test.

10 DAY ISOLATION – If, on the seventh day, you still have respiratory symptoms and/or fever, maintain isolation for 10 days. Only leave the isolation after 24 hours without fever. Not showing symptoms and fever, you don’t need to test to get out of isolation.

ISOLATION ABOVE 10 DAYS – If symptoms remain on the tenth day, maintain isolation until you complete 24 hours without symptoms and without fever, regardless of the weather.

Other guidelines should be followed until the tenth full day of the onset of symptoms or if isolation is interrupted. Measures include wearing a well-fitting mask at home or in public, avoiding contact with people who are immunocompromised or who have risk factors for the aggravation of Covid-19, as well as places with agglomerations of people, such as public transport. Do not go to places where you cannot wear a mask at all times, such as restaurants and bars; avoid eating close to other people and not traveling during the isolation period.

In case you need to stop isolation before the tenth day of the onset of symptoms for travel reasons, it is recommended that the person take the RT-PCR test or antigen test. If it is not possible to perform the test, it is recommended to postpone the trip for at least ten days from the onset of symptoms.

SES reinforces the importance of the population completing the vaccination schedule against Covid-19. Anyone who has not yet taken the second dose or the booster dose should look for health posts as soon as possible to receive the immunization.

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