Monet exhibition at the water’s edge, a surprising dive into the work of the French artist, arrives on canvas in Maré – City Hall of Rio de Janeiro

The exhibition guides the visitor on a journey through the landscapes painted on the banks of rivers, seas and lakes.

Enthusiast of outdoor paintings, Claude Monet (1840-1926) united colors and expressions. Part of the artistic journey of this master of time was printed in Monet by the water, a multimedia exhibition that arrives at Lona Cultural Municipal Herbert Vianna, in Maré, after debuting a short season in Rio on the Olympic Boulevard. This Friday (10/6), the public will have the chance to check out the projections of 285 works by the French Impressionist painter, complete with a soundtrack. The largest immersive exhibition about the artist in the world will be at 8:00 am, 10:00 am and 1:00 pm for students from schools in the region and at 3:00 pm with free demand.

The exhibition guides the visitor on a journey through the painted landscapes on the banks of rivers, seas and lakes. An original and unprecedented experience, composed of animated images and projected on 7.5 m high panels, in a space of 2,000 m², accompanied by a three-dimensional sound system in high definition, animations, visual, sound and special effects. In particular, the series of Saint-Lazare Station (1877), Rouen Cathedral (1893), Lake of Water lilies (1895-1926), Palace of Westminster (1904) and Grand Canal in Venice (1908).

Born in Paris (on the banks of the River Seine) and raised in the port of Le Havre (on the banks of the English Channel), Monet dedicated his life and art to travel to paint landscapes, lights and waterways. It was at the water’s edge that the artist created the painting that gave Impressionism its name. Impression, Rising Sun (1874) was painted at the dawn of the port of Le Havre and harshly criticized for being a sketch, just an impression of the landscape. But it was this first impression that baptized, with water and light, one of the most important trends in modern art.

Art Center in Maré

Created in 2005 in one of the largest slum complexes in Rio, Maré, the Municipal Department of Culture’s opening had a concert by Herbert Vianna, accompanied by the band Paralamas do Sucesso. The singer was elected by the residents of Maré as the patron of the new equipment, which works as an art center, offering space for artistic shows, courses, workshops and lectures. The Municipal Popular Library Jorge Amado also works at the Herbert Vianna Municipal Cultural Canvas.


Herbert Vianna Municipal Cultural Canvas: Rua Evanildo Alves s/nº, Maré – 3111-2011. Day 10/6, at 8h/10h/13h/15h. The first three sessions are for schools in the region and the last is for free demand. Free of charge. Free.

Cultural programming has exhibitions, shows and plays spread throughout the city


  • June 8, 2022
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