SUHAI Seguradora launches a new YouTube channel with entertainment content for lovers of the automotive universe | SEGS

The insurance channel will bring exclusive content for cars, motorcycles and trucks in order to generate information through light and relaxed programming.

SUHAI Seguradora brings a novelty for those passionate about the automotive universe, the new Youtube channel ‘Na Rua com a Suhai’, which will feature entertainment and information content in a more informal and relaxed language.’Na Rua com a Suhai’ is a new programming format that the insurance company presents everything about cars, motorcycles and trucks with trends, curiosities and lifestyle in a light way, but with a lot of information. The channel’s differential is the exclusivity in the content without the intrusion of institutional and promotional campaigns.

“The new channel brings much more entertainment, news and special episodes. And it aims to generate a connection between the brand and the public that is interested in the world of motorcycles, cars and trucks. Our objective is to generate dialogue with stakeholders on the motor theme based on relevant and curious questions. We want to create more meaningful experiences from the creation of branded content designed for Brazilians”, comments Janaina Iziquiel, Director of Communications and Marketing at SUHAI Seguradora.

According to Janaina, the development of its own media to talk to all lovers of the motor world is also connected to the company’s purpose of offering protection to vehicles of any year and model, including customized ones. “Expanding knowledge, showing interesting and unusual aspects, in addition to reinforcing the importance of maintenance, responsible driving, etc., for us, also means contributing to the care of cars, motorcycles and trucks”.

The launch of ‘Na Rua com a Suhai’ is scheduled for the 14/06th at 20:00 and will have unpublished and exclusive content, every Tuesday and Thursday, always at the same time. In this month of release, the highlight is the call: “Semana do Beetle”, which will bring a special schedule of three episodes, released consecutively on the 21st, 22nd, 23rd, telling not only the story, but also some curiosities about the use of the car that is an icon of the country. World Beetle Day, June 22, commemorates the beginning of the manufacture, in 1934, of one of the most loved cars in the world, which currently has almost 2 million units running around Brazil. , according to Denatran.

“The importance of the channel goes beyond generating content, because it will generate relationships, it will bring together people who are passionate about motorsport and those who are beginners and seek simple information. Have you ever seen a Volkswagen Beetle with a Subaru engine? You will see it here at ‘Na Rua com a Suhai’! We are already producing a lot of content for the channel, with several themes between; customized motorcycles, tuned cars, preventive maintenance tips, stories, interviews, collectors, and maybe you who are passionate about motorsport will not become an agenda”, says Cosme Gomes da Silva, Producer and Executive Director of Comti Comunicação, the producer responsible for the development of the contents.

‘Na Rua com a Suhai’ will allow greater interaction and connection between lovers of the automotive universe in addition to a lot of information. Video posts follow twice a week at 8pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays, don’t miss out and #vemcomasuhai.


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