UGPE promotes environmental awareness activity for children

Little ones planted seedlings of fruit trees and watched the musical performance of Garis da Alegria

PHOTOS: Orestes Litaiff/UGPE

As part of the Environment Week program, the Special Projects Management Unit (UGPE) of the Government of Amazonas promoted educational activities with the children of the residential Mestre Chico, in the south zone, area of ​​intervention of the Social and Environmental Program of Manaus and Interior (Prosamin+). Among the activities developed, the children participated in the planting of fruit tree seedlings and a musical performance by Garis da Alegria, a cultural group of the Municipal Public Cleaning Department (Semulsp).

According to the sub-coordinator of the social sector at UGPE, Viviane Dutra, understanding the importance of environmental preservation in childhood is essential for the development of more conscious adults. “It is the opportunity to create sustainability habits now, so that in the future they can be instruments of socio-environmental transformation”, she pointed out.

The environmental management specialist Camila Fuziel shares the same opinion. “What we learn as a child, we take to life. So, it is very important to imprint on the child this culture of environmental awareness”, she said.

From a very young age, 12-year-old student Thavine Martins is encouraged to understand the importance of environmental preservation and sustainable consumption. “We separate the garbage inside the house, because if you throw it on the street, it will pollute”, says the student, who said that she had already learned the process of reusing, mainly, pet bottles.

“Here, I learned to recycle. Here at Prosamin+ I learned about the importance of preserving the environment,” she explained.

UGPE Environment Week

PHOTOS: Orestes Litaiff/UGPE

The Environment week began on June 1st and continues until Friday (06/10), with an extensive program of activities aimed at Prosamin+ employees and beneficiaries.

This Wednesday (06/08), UGPE promotes a roundtable on recycling in Manaus. On Thursday (06/09), basic sanitation in Amazonas will be the focus of a lecture to be given to UGPE employees and partners. On Friday (10/06), the activities end with a lecture by the ambassador of the Instituto Lixo Zero Brasil (ILZB) in Manaus, biologist Daniel Santos.

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