Check out unusual moments of the sport over the weekend in Brazil and around the world

The sport around Brazil and the world over the weekend had a lot of reason to celebrate, but also a lot of zueira. As always, the internet was not forgiving. There was even a team arriving by private car at the stadium after the club bus broke down. Check out the most unusual moments:

Busted bus!

Vasco’s team had to arrive at Maracanã in a different way for the classic against Cruzeiro in Serie B. The club’s official vehicle had a mechanical problem when leaving the hotel. The board acted quickly and transported the delegation with private cars and vans. There were no delays, and Vasco still won the match. Remembering that this is not the first time that the cruzmaltino bus leaves the team in hand.

did not lie

After the defeat to Palmeiras, midfielder Robinho, from Coritiba, didn’t beat around the bush and went straight to the point when asked what had disturbed the team and replied: “Palmeiras!”. Coxa lost 2-0 at home. Check out:


After an exhausting race at the Azerbaijan GP, ​​driver Lewis Hamilton left with severe back pain. The pilot had difficulty getting out of the vehicle and needed assistance. The problem would have been caused by the lack of stability in the multi-champion’s car. “I was just biting my teeth in pain,” he complained.

It’s love!

On Valentine’s Day, there could be room for love. Just before the game between São Paulo and América, at Morumbi, Vinicius asked Karol to marry him, and she said yes. They said they met at a tricolor game. Congratulations to the couple!

Great goal!

Atlético Goianiense’s first goal in the 2-1 victory against Fluminense was a painting. The left-back hit a kick from outside the area, and the ball landed in the left corner of goalkeeper Fábio. Check out:

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