Samsung’s Freestyle projector is revolutionary big screen entertainment for your on-the-go lifestyle!

“Why shouldn’t I have a big screen experience wherever I go?” That seems to be the question Samsung had in mind when creating The Freestyle. A portable projector designed for users on the go. But Freestyle is much more than just a big-screen portable experience. Samsung has packed enough technology into The Freestyle to take care of all your entertainment needs. And for buyers in India, there is something special.

Take a look at this video below to get to know Freestyle better:

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Putting the ‘free’ in Freestyle

Nobody likes to be arrested, whether by rules or wires. Freestyle is designed to free you from both. One look at Freestyle and you know this is no ordinary projector. Its unique and super cool design is the secret behind its versatile nature. The Freestyle’s compact, all-in-one design means transporting the projector shouldn’t be a problem. Freestyle portability would mean very little if the setup was too complicated. Well, Samsung thought of that too, giving it a cradle stand. The cradle holder allows the Freestyle to be pointed exactly where you want it. In addition, it can also automatically adjust and optimize the screen projection without having to move the projector. Using Samsung’s SmartThings app, you can easily adjust the brightness and color settings according to your wall color and lighting conditions through the special Smart Calibration feature.

Big screen, smart features

With Samsung’s The Freestyle, you can choose the size you want the projection to be. It can project a screen size ranging from 76 cm (30 inches), up to 2m 54 cm (100 inches).

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Freestyle also comes with the same features you’d expect from any Samsung Smart TV. That means you have access to all your favorite streaming apps like Netflix, YouTube, etc. You also have access to voice assistants like Bixby and Alexa. Simply give a command, and Freestyle will do it for you.

the freestyle party

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With Freestyle, you get a truly portable experience. That means you don’t have to worry about carrying a speaker along with your projector. Freestyle comes with built-in speakers that can give you a 360 degree surround sound effect. So you and your friends don’t have to jostle each other to find the ‘best spot’, as everyone can hear what’s happening.

Freestyle offers Full HD (1080p) resolution video along with Samsung’s PurColor technology, designed to deliver natural-looking color. It also supports HDR 10 videos for more realistic images.

Order before March 31st and receive Rs 5,000 instant cashback* and a legal transport bag worth Rs 5,900* free, terms and conditions apply*. Click here to buy it on Amazon or Samsung India now!

More than just a television

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Freestyle is not just a TV projector. He can do much more. You can use it to increase the party atmosphere by adding background scenes that match your party theme. Samsung even designed a lens cap to project a soft ambient lighting effect that can fill an entire room. How cool is that!

All these features are compounded by the fact that the Freestyle is power bank compatible. So you can party wherever you want, all night long!

Priced at Rs 84,990, the Samsung The Freestyle offers users a host of features and technology within a compact and portable construction. Adding to its value is the fact that anyone who buys the portable projector before March 31st receives exclusive launch offers worth Rs 10,900* (Rs. 5,000 instant cashback* and a cool carrying case worth Rs 5900 * free, terms and conditions apply*). Click here to buy Freestyle on Amazon or Samsung India now!

They will also have priority delivery on Freestyle. That way, they won’t have to wait long to get their hands on it. But hurry, because the date is approaching.

With so much to offer, The Freestyle by Samsung is perfect for anyone who wants to be different from the ‘norm’ and live their freestyle lifestyle. And who wouldn’t like that?

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