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From his first role, Alanis Guillen has already been considered a revelation actress on TV, a status that only gets stronger with each chapter of “Pantanal” that goes on the air. living the new Juma in the remake of the soap opera, adapted by Bruno Luperi, grandson of Benedito Ruy Barbosa (who wrote the one that was shown on the extinct TV Manchete), Alanis changes: the eyes are suspicious, the body gains the movement of a jaguar and his smile almost never appears because of a life marked by tragedies, but there are exceptions. Which? Moments when your romantic partner in the plot, young (Jesuit Barbosa), is nearby, for example.

And it’s not just on the face of Juma the smile stays, since the romantic crowd on duty also can’t resist the love between the characters and even “ship” the actors like a real-life couple. In other words, hope they get together in real life too. “We ended up creating intimacy. People end up creating narratives”, comments the actress about what people have been saying about the connection between the two – and comments more on what you can see in the exclusive interview (photos too!) Alanis Guillen to the Glam below:

Alanis Guillen — Photo: Fernando Tomaz

Are you dating Jesuíta Barbosa (who plays Joventino in “Pantanal”)? (laughs) No, he’s a really great partner. This story came about because our connection is very free. We ended up creating intimacy. People end up creating narratives, but that’s why: it’s an affection, a respect, we really admire each other and love each other very well.

Alanis Guillen and Jesuita Barbosa — Photo: Reproduction/Instagram/@jesuitabarbosa

In “Pantanal”, there are many scenes of nudity. How do you deal with it? Compared to the first “Pantanal”, it has much less exposure. My relationship with it is peaceful. I’m there for Juma and Juma is not afraid of her body. She doesn’t see this malice that we put on. Her socialization is with free animals, nature. She feels the water hitting her whole body, the sun. And I also bring some of that. I’m very sensory.

The first version of “Pantanal” was iconic, but you have no memory of it because it was born much later. What references did you use to build your Juma? I tried to understand what it was that everyone was talking about, with such a strong affective memory. When the test took place, and soon after the confirmation that I had passed, I watched a few things to understand what it was all about, the whole atmosphere of this “Pantanal” and this Juma that everyone was talking about. me and chris [a atriz Cristiana Oliveira] we had a beautiful date. We were exchanging some sensations, perceptions.

Alanis Guillen — Photo: Fernando Tomaz

You changed your diet to live up to the character, didn’t you? It was a process that ended up coming together. I knew I was going to the middle of the woods, that I wouldn’t have the freedom of choice that I have on a day-to-day basis here and that this character demanded other qualities from me. I am more subtle, Juma is more earthly. I needed to bring out this side of me and I went looking for it: maybe if I consumed things that would densify me more, for me to understand this stronger body, it would be an interesting research. I was a vegetarian. I hadn’t eaten animals in five years. I went back little by little with white meat, and red meat came back more now. I looked for this diet that would give me body density, but nothing is permanent in my life. I also started to practice some sports of greater strength, for example, kung-fu, which works with the feet on the ground, the energies of the body.

Juma was already empowered, it remains current. How do you see being a woman these days? We are on this quest to increasingly understand and fight for our place in the world. In the past, many women fought for us to be here, being what we are today, inhabiting the spaces we inhabit. But I have noticed women looking for themselves, this place of self-love, of loving, understanding, respecting, understanding their limits.

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