Ganso becomes partner of startup investing in football players

K10, a startup investing in football players, announced Paulo Henrique Ganso, midfielder Fluminense, as its newest partner. The arrival of the athlete will serve to scale the platform, which aims to further grow its athlete base and wants to reach 50,000 customers by the end of the year.

The player arrives to provide a positive growth curve in the average ticket of investments within the platform.

– With all of Ganso’s experience and credibility within football, coupled with our business model, we aim to grow our customer base by more than 600% and reduce the reach of a mature average ticket in months – comments Alex Bourgeois, founder and CEO from K10.

– I strongly believe in the business model that K10 provides and we are betting on a large scale of the company in the coming months – adds Paulo Henrique Ganso.

Investments are made through digital tokens and some important Brazilian players are already featured among the more than 20 names launched. Athletes from great teams in Brazil and Portugal should soon join the platform.

K10 acts as an investment company, having as its main asset the market value of football players. Unlike the applicability of NFT’s, which work with the exclusivity issue, here, each athlete has several tokens for sale.

The objective is to offer benefits according to the user’s token wallet within the platform, influencing the purchase and accumulation of assets, which can be acquired for an initial value of BRL 20.

For 2022, the company’s plans are for constant expansion. The company, which earned BRL 600,000 in the first five months of operation in 2021, expects to grow 300% this year.

About the K10

Launched in 2021, the Brazilian startup K10 is an investment company whose main asset is football players. Operating similarly to the stock exchange, the platform already has more than 20 players available and also offers experiences to its investor customers.

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