Altice workers on strike on July 21 in defense of raises and health plans — DNOTICIAS.PT

Altice workers will strike on July 21 in defense of interim increases of 50 euros and their Health Plans, was announced today by the unions involved.

After holding plenary sessions across the country, the five unions that make up the Altice Union Front, SINTTAV, SNTCT, STT, FE and SINQUADROS, concluded that workers were “completely mobilized to participate in forms of struggle”.

“Workers do not accept the changes to their Health Plans and do not give up interim increases because the 15 euros that were applied in January are not enough to face inflation”, said António Moura, leader of the National Union of Telecommunications Workers and Audiovisual (Sinttav), to the Lusa agency.

According to the unionist, the 50 euros claimed to be effective from July only cover the effects of inflation in relation to the company’s lowest salary, which is 760 euros.

The Union Front claims that the interim increase on July 1st should also include an increase in the company’s lowest salary to 835 euros.

On June 21, workers from Altice Portugal companies will also express their discontent with a concentration in Lisbon, in front of the Picoas building.

With regard to Health Plans, the objective of the struggle is to “stop proposals for changes for the worse in Altice’s Health Plans” and “to demand the extension of the Classic Plan to all Altice Group workers, as a way of keeping it sustainable.” “.

According to the Frente Sindical, in February of this year, the Altice administration “announced to the TSOs a brutal and violent attack on what remains of the Health Care System negotiated in 1994 after the constitution of the PT”.

The Union Front recalled, in a press release, that Altice’s health system “is solidary and shared by the Beneficiaries, who pay a quota of 1.8% of their monthly income” and the company’s management “intends to increase to 2, 1% the share of beneficiaries who are not active and who are in most need of health care due to age”.

António Moura explained to Lusa that the date of the next month’s strike was chosen to coincide with the anniversaries of the 2017 strikes against the Establishment Transmission and against the Collective Dismissal of July 2021.

According to the unionist, since the transfer of the establishment in 2015, in which MEO was transferred to Altice, more than 6,000 jobs have been destroyed.

Currently the company has 5,200 workers.

According to Frente Sindical, “the working situation in the current MEO (former PT) and in the other companies of Altice Portugal, has been one of labor terror in these seven years that have elapsed since the purchase of PT by the Altice Group”.

The unions complain that “Social Dialogue has ceased to exist” and “attacks on workers’ rights have begun to be practiced through sequential measures”.


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