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Sports complexes in different regions of the city offer activities and training in various modalities for children and adolescents. High-performance athletes represent the city in national and international competitions

In recent years, Aparecida de Goiânia has stood out in the state and national sports scene in various modalities. The determination of local athletes, public incentives and state-of-the-art structure collaborate for the good results.

Aparecida de Goiânia, which was formerly known for lowland football, is currently a reference in modalities such as futsal, taekwondo, volleyball and others. The city is also a highlight in wheelchair basketball and amputee football, ensuring inclusion for the physically challenged who represent the municipality in regional and national competitions.

“Aparecida de Goiânia reaps the fruits of seeds planted a few years ago. We invest from sports initiation to high performance, giving our athletes the opportunity to represent the city in various parts of Brazil and the world”, assures Mayor Vilmar Mariano.

Also according to the manager, investment in sports is fundamental and reflects in different areas of management. “When a child practices sports regularly, they create bonds of coexistence, learn about resilience, companionship and discipline. Sport also improves the quality of life, helping to prevent diseases and, above all, contributing to the formation of citizens, whether children or adolescents”, he highlights.


At Estação Esporte-Cidadania, renowned figures on the national high-performance taekwondo scene such as Dângela Guimaraes, Patrick Cardoso and Fernando Marensa inspire children who dream of following the same path as the champions of Aparecida.

Patrick, who has been a law student and athlete for ten years, highlights the importance of the infrastructure provided by the City of Aparecida. “Citizenship-Sport Station has added a lot to high-performance athletes. It’s a huge benefit that all athletes have here. We are enjoying the space and bringing many results to Aparecida de Goiânia”.

The state-of-the-art structure collaborates in the training of athletes, but Patrick remembers that dedication is fundamental. “It’s a very busy life: I do crossfit, I go to college in the morning and in the afternoon I train taekwondo every day. On Saturdays, I do physical training”, he explains about his daily life.

“The training center is very important so that high-performance athletes can train to compete at a high level, scoring in the national and international rankings. Estação Cidadania-Esporte is a very large structure that adds a lot to the sport”, emphasizes Dângela Guimarães, who started practicing taekwondo when she was six years old and has accumulated titles such as Brazilian youth, Pan American, South American and Argentine Open, Chile and Spain.

Also according to Dângela, the big dream is to win an Olympic spot. “We are on our way, competing a lot and scoring in the international rankings. Today, I am the 29th in the category and I will continue in search of this objective”, he concludes.

Bianca Lessa Guimarães, 11, started training a year ago. The “newbie” is one of the revelations of the sport in Aparecida. “Taekwondo is my favorite thing and I spend most of my time doing it”. The inspiration, according to her, is her older training partner. “My biggest inspiration is Dângela because she represents women, she is a black belt and has international medals”, points out the little athlete who won a bronze medal in a Grand Slam.

Carmelita Alves is the mother of the little ones Saullo and Karliene, who are students of sports initiation. The couple of children started playing sports a few months ago, but the results, according to the cafeteria assistant, are surprising. “The boys have improved a lot. The behavior with the parents at home, the relationship with their peers improved, they are safer and stronger. I recommend, without a doubt, that children play some sport,” she says proudly.

In 2021, the bicicross athlete Maria Eduarda Dornelas, 16, was runner-up in the Pan-American MBX. The competition was held in Lima, the capital of Peru. She is also the Brazilian champion of BMX Racing 2021, in the women’s category.

In Aparecida de Goiânia, BMX athletes have one of the best tracks in the sport in Brazil. Located in Parque da Criança, the track frequently hosts national and international competitions.

In addition to complexes such as Centro Olímpico and Estação Cidadania-Sporte and CEUs das Artes, residents of Aparecida de Goiânia also have public spaces for physical activities close to their homes. Hundreds of squares, in all regions of the city, have a walking track, open gym, children’s playground and, in some, a soccer field with synthetic grass and lighting.


Paralympic sports such as wheelchair basketball and amputee football are also featured in Aparecida.

The only team from the Midwest region in the 1st division of the Brazilian Wheelchair Basketball Championship, Aparecidense accumulates recent achievements and still lends four athletes to the Brazilian team, three in the men’s and one in the women’s. In 2017, the men’s team was champion of the 3rd division. In November 2018, the team was placed third in the 2nd division of the sport, reaching access to the national elite and, in December of the same year, it was runner-up in Goiás. In 2019, he was ranked seventh when he debuted among the best in the sport in the country and, in 2021, he was third in the national championship.

The amputee soccer team recently won a spot for the Copa do Brasil and will also compete in the Brasileirão of the modality. Recently, he was runner-up in the Aparecida Football Cup for Amputees that was held in Aparecida de Goiânia and had the participation of six teams from different Brazilian regions.

“It was an excellent competition for us. [Aparecidense]. This competition, which is regional, guaranteed our qualification for the Copa do Brasil. Now, let’s prepare for the Copa do Brasil and Campeonato Brasileiro. We are to be congratulated because we face Serie A teams”, celebrated player Rogério Vidal.

Sport-Citizenship Station

With modern equipment, the Centro de Esporte-Cidadania, in Parque Trindade II, is the great reference in sports infrastructure in Aparecida de Goiânia. The complex has the capacity to serve 3,000 people, including professional and amateur athletes. There are more than 12 thousand m², with 1.8 thousand m² of built area. The structure houses a multi-sport gym with bleachers, bathrooms, changing rooms, athletics track, administrative rooms, storage and first aid room.

“It is a complete structure for high-performance athletes and also for sports initiation. It is a special place and we work to further improve the quality of service. With this space, Aparecida became a trainer of athletes in several modalities, points out the Secretary of Sport, Geferson Aragão.

In the next semester, according to Semel, basketball, table tennis and other Olympic sports will be implemented at Estação Cidadania-Esporte.

Olympic Center

Located in the Conde dos Arcos Sector, the Aparecida de Goiânia Olympic Center offers activities and sports training in various modalities, such as swimming, water aerobics, functional, zumba, football, capoeira, taekwondo, volleyball and others. The sports complex has one of the few Olympic swimming pools in the State of Goiás, another semi-Olympic, soccer field with official measures, multi-sport courts, changing rooms, society field and other equipment.

Enrolled in water aerobics classes, Ilda Pereira started to practice physical activity after medical advice. “I had a lot of pain in my arm, but I’m better”. With her classmate, Maria do Livramento, it was no different. “Since I was operated on for the spine, the doctor gave it to me”, says the senior student. The activities are offered free of charge and registrations can be made throughout the year, subject to availability.

CEUs of the Arts

Aparecida has two Unified Sports Centers: Vera Cruz and Flamboyant. Both, in different regions of the city, offer several sports for free for children, teenagers and adults. Pilates, water aerobics (elderly), aerobox, zumba, jump, dance and movement, theater, karate, jiu-jitsu, functional, football (children) ballet (children) and others are held throughout the week.

“Sport is a tool for social inclusion. Those who practice sport don’t have time to think about wrong things. Great scientists have already proved to the world that sport is a great medicine for the body and mind”, concludes Gerfeson Aragão.


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