MEPs defend new competences for EU in health or defense

O The text, entitled “Europe and Portugal 2030”, is signed by the six PSD MEPs: Paulo Rangel, Lídia Pereira, José Manuel Fernandes, Maria da Graça Carvalho, Álvaro Amaro and Cláudia Monteiro de Aguiar.

The sectoral motion begins by defending that “the PSD has been the essential, permanent and unconditional foundation of the Portuguese option for integration into the European Union and NATO”.

“It has never made alliances or concessions to parties that call into question these two pillars of our sovereign affirmation”, they stress, in a ‘message’ to the PS and to the times of the ‘geingonça’, which went through agreements with PCP, BE and Verdes.

For Social Democrat MEPs, the pandemic crisis “had already reinforced the need for deeper integration, but the war restored peace and security to the EU’s primary goals and relaunched the issue of enlargement to the Caucasus and the Balkans”.

Alongside the attribution of new areas of competence to the EU, PSD deputies in Brussels support a reform of the treaties that “strengthens the democratic legitimacy of European institutions, their political responsibility, their proximity to citizens and simplify the decision-making process” , anticipating the institutional and decision-making effects of the new enlargements.

The Social Democrats admit that this “forces an increase in the Union’s budget, which is only possible with the creation and mobilization of its own resources”, which implies “solid growth”.

“There is and cannot be a social Europe without economic prosperity, without solid and sustained growth. Anyone who truly wants a social Europe has to defend a competitive Europe”, they stress.

MEPs emphasize that these own revenues are not European taxes and could come from the carbon adjustment mechanism at the borders, from the emission allowance market revenues, from the tax on plastics, from the taxation of digital sector giants and even from financial transactions. .

Sectorally, they applaud “the creation of a European pillar of defense within the EU, without establishing a single army and acting in close coordination with NATO (or even within its framework)”.

“This pillar will imply the establishment of joint purchases of military material, the commitment to the coordination of research and the harmonization and integration of the defense industry and the creation of operational forces for rapid intervention”, they need.

In terms of internal democracy, they propose “the organization of a conference to define the principles and terms of a new order of security and peace in Europe”, reiterating their “unreserved” support for the immediate granting of candidate country status to Ukraine.

In the text to be taken to the PSD Congress next weekend, they also defend European strategic autonomy as a transversal principle in all areas, with an emphasis on energy, and the creation of a union for health, the need for which they consider to have been demonstrated with the pandemic.

Common policies on migration and birth rates, strengthening connections to the interior, especially by rail, and the need to build a new airport in the Lisbon region are other proposals made by the PSD MEPs.

PSD deputies in Brussels also defend the creation of a European Tourism Agency, growth policies and tax relief and “the judicious and reproductive use of European funds”

“Our country has never received so much European support. It is a unique and unparalleled opportunity. The concentration of the PRR on the public sector and on current expenditures (little or not at all reproductive) is highly objectionable and must be reversed and compensated through the Agreement of Partnership Portugal 2030, focusing on supporting private investment and companies”, they appeal.

At the PSD Congress, which takes place between the 1st and the 3rd of July, in Porto, only the president-elect can present a global strategy motion. Thematic proposals can be presented by the leadership, by the various autonomous structures of the party (JSD, ASD and TSD), by regional and district structures or even subscribed by 1,500 militants or 50 delegates.

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