Urban art once again ‘invades’ Figueiró dos Vinhos with the Fazunchar festival – Leiria Region

The Fazunchar festival will hold its 4th edition from the 13th to the 21st of August, with mural painting and other arts invading the streets of Figueiró dos Vinhos, which this year intends to resume the tradition of decorating the village with flowers.

This year, for the creation of the “already famous murals that have transformed the urban and imagery landscape of Figueiró dos Vinhos”, in the district of Leiria, the Spanish artists Alba Fabre Sacristán, Juan Rivas, Slim Safont and Taquen, and the Portuguese Lourenço Providência and Mariana, the miserable, announced the organization today, in a press release sent to the Lusa agency.

The mural paintings will be made in “several different areas of the municipality – historic center and all other parishes”, he said, stressing that, this year, there will also be an ‘open call’ for the painting of a mural, in a call for any Portuguese artist or who live in Portugal, with applications open until the 24th of July.

Another novelty for this edition is the community action “Vila Florida” – a name that comes from the distinction that Figueiró dos Vinhos received in 1998 (“Vila Florida da Europa”) -, in which the population is challenged to recreate an ancient tradition of municipality, “in the meantime fallen into oblivion”, to build paper flowers to decorate its streets.

“To integrate the existing art roadmap, Brazilian artist Arashida was challenged to create a set of canvases, which will be in several prominent locations in the historic center of the village,” added the organization.

In the present edition, the illustrator Francis.co will present the result of the artistic residency of drawing he made in 2021, with the exhibition “Forgotten”, on display at the Museum and Arts Center until 31 August.

According to the organization, this year Mariana Vasconcelos (video), Miguel Oliveira (photography), Silly (music) and João Pedro Vala (literature) will be the participants in Fazunchar’s artistic residencies.

The program also features a concert by Silly, on August 19, and another the following day, by Papercutz, Ensemble and Vasco Mendes, as well as guided tours guided by the festival’s curator, Lara Seixo Rodrigues.

The “Jornal de Cordel”, workshops and a community picnic are other proposals of the festival.

Fazunchar is an initiative promoted by the Municipality of Figueiró dos Vinhos, curated and co-organized by Mistaker Maker.

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