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Romário opines on former players on television and pins Casagrande

Irreverent as always,
Romario commented on the former players

who became football commentators on television. In an interview with the ‘Barba Podcast’, the four-time champion with the Brazilian team pointed out that some of the former ballers go too far by intruding on the players’ personal lives.

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Romário scolded some former colleagues, stressing that regardless of whether the player has had a good or bad career, it does not distinguish whether he will be successful in the role of commentator.

– When you practice for many years, play football for many years, the tendency is that you become experienced in what you do, which is playing. When you stop playing and sit on this side and comment on what people are doing and what you’ve already done, the likelihood that you’re a good commentator in this aspect is real. But this is far from meaning that if you were an ace playing, you will also be an ace commenting – he argued.

The ‘short’ emphasizes that the comments made during the transmission of a football match should be limited to what happens in the stadium. He defends that the athletes’ off-field life is something private.

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– We have great ex-players who have become commentators and, in my opinion, they live up to the salary they earn, comment on what they really see and other commentators want to go a little further. When you comment on the football game, seeing what is happening, you have to comment on what the guy does within a football game. Not what he says, if he went to a party, when he is Bolsonaro, if he goes to church or drinks. That’s another thing, you can comment this on a program, a roundtable, but in a discussion that this subject appears. In the game it doesn’t exist,” he said.

Romario was very uncomfortable with former players who do not accept being criticized for their comments and cited Walter
Casagrande, who this week left Globo yesterday after 25 years at the station

. The 56-year-old politician said that if Casão only focused on comments about what happens on the pitch, he would be a good professional. The bass also chose which former players became good commentators after retiring.

– Any action has a reaction, if you say something about me that is far from what I should say, because I get paid to talk about how I’m playing, then they say I’m a bad person, that I drink, smoke, go out, that I’m a politician . Damn, then you have to stay tuned waiting for the beating to come from there to here too, but unfortunately some are not prepared. And then when there is a reaction, they pout and be silly (…) Pedrinho is a good commentator, Roger too. Casagrande, some of the things I said help him, if he only focused on commenting on football, he would be much more successful. That’s the reality-he added.

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