Public Hearing presents a strategy of actions for dredging and demolishing the Pardo River

The Municipality of Iúna, through the Secretary of Environment, Public Cleaning and Tourism, held, yesterday Tuesday (12), a public hearing to discuss the second stage of the Rainwater Master Plan for the municipality. The Hearing was broadcast live on the official communication networks of the City Hall and is still available for consultation on the official networks of the executive body.

The study carried out for the realization of the Master Plan was presented by the agronomist and Ph.D. Marco Aurélio Costa Caiado, technical manager of the Avantec company, contracted for the study via the Municipal Government. During the presentation, solutions were presented for the control of the main problems related to the floods, through rock removal, the process of removing stones and submerged rocks and drainage, proposing structural and non-structural practices that will help to reduce damages and reduce the costs of control and avoid the increase of problems in the future with the rains.

As the specialist, Marco Caiado, explained, the Rainwater Master Plan has the objective of creating the mechanisms for the management of urban infrastructure related to the flow of rainwater and rivers in the urban area, with the aim of presenting actions to promote flood control in the Pardo River. Among the aspects presented, important clearing actions necessary to improve the flow of water and promote the infiltration necessary to absorb rainwater were discussed.

The proposed scenario for solving the flooding problems in the urban center of Iúna also includes the demolition/reconstruction of bridges over the river.

Mayor Romário Batista Vieira highlighted during the audience the importance of the work done by the company Avantec and on the participation of the population in caring for the Environment. “Several actions are being taken to clear the Rio Pardo, since the beginning of our administration. We know how much the population has suffered from the heavy rains, I also suffer a lot like all of us. the work already done in Rio, to carry out the drainage of water, has been the biggest palliative to protect our municipality, in an emergency, so that, in this way, we can move on to the more complex actions to be carried out”, said Romário.

The Municipal Attorney General, Jennifer Bonfante, Councilor Emerson Santos, Secretary of the Environment, Manoel Gomes, Secretary of Planning Waldrem Marcelo, director of the Henrique Coutinho school, Mário Gomes, Aciiu president, Eriton Assis, also participated in the Hearing. , representative of Aciiu, João Elias, the Secretary of Communication of the City Hall, David Florenço, entrepreneurs and technicians of the City Hall.

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