‘Tuning’ regains steam in season three with sex, politics and crime

After a second season that left more questions than answers, “Tuning” catches its breath in the third, which premiered today on Netflix. The new episodes have well-defined focuses according to each protagonist.

Sex and drugs with Doni (Jottapê), who begins to know the ins and outs of fame, church and politics with Rita (Bruna Mascarenhas), who is running for councilor, and the criminal underworld with Nando (Christian Malheiros), who runs into increasingly dangerous schemes in search of a redemption he may not even be able to achieve.

A good news is that the series conceived by Konrad Dantas, Kondzilla has gone international. The third season begins in Paris, showing the heyday of Doni, who, following the natural path of fame in funk, has already removed the MC from the name and is performing in Europe.

There are also takes on the Ponte da Amizade, on the border between Brazil and Paraguay, as Nando is increasingly powerful at the crime scene. With the birth of his second child, a boy, he tries to make even more money and then leaves the scene.

Nando (Christian Malheiros) is even more powerful in crime in the third season of ‘Sintonia’

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A high point once again for the performance of Christian Malheiros, who knows how to balance the constant tension and firmness that the character demands.

Vila Áurea, the main setting of the first season, continues to be represented by Rita, who is still from the church, but is now also a candidate for the position of councilor. In the peripheral neighborhood, the dispute is between her and a church worker, forming one of the most interesting conflicts of the season.

Rita begins to see the differences between her, a girl from the community, and an outsider, and raises questions that may even drive her away from the religion.

At this point, “Sintonia” gets it right by touching the political discussion in a didactic way. Aimed mainly at a younger audience, the series can help with reflection in an election year.

rita - Disclosure/Netflix - Disclosure/Netflix

Rita (Bruna Mascarenhas) is a candidate for councilor in the third season of ‘Sintonia’

Image: Disclosure/Netflix

For those who enjoy rap, get ready for a surprise: one of the biggest names on the national scene officially joins the cast of the series. Without spoilers, the artist will play an important role and will answer a question raised by the public since the series premiere.

Sex, alcohol and drugs

Doni’s innocence wanes as her fame grows. Backstage at the shows, the singer gets involved with several women despite dating Tally (Gabriela Mag). While he finds support and warmth with his influencer girlfriend, easy sex attracts him, in a combination that also involves alcohol and drugs.

The funk singer is still faced with internal and external conflicts, ranging from dissatisfaction with songs that don’t explode as expected to total control by the office and businessmen. The lack of psychological support to deal with a world full of ups and downs is yet another reason for Doni to overindulge in alcohol.

doni - Disclosure/Netflix - Disclosure/Netflix

In the third season of ‘Sintonia’, Doni (Jottapê) will do shows in Europe

Image: Disclosure/Netflix

In addition to the behind-the-scenes of the song, Kondzilla’s touch is still in the “Sintonia” cameos. Kekel, Dani Russo and Tainá Costa are some of the names of the third season of the series that also had Kevinho and Alok, among other MC’s.

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