Avai will have three important absences for the match against Ceará

Last Saturday (16), Avaí returned to winning ways with a 1-0 triumph, in Ressacada, this positive result also ended a four-game fast without winning Leão da Ilha. However, Barroca won some absences for the match on Tuesday (19) against Ceará.

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In the match against Santos, two athletes who were hanging received the third yellow card and did not play against Ceará, they are: Bruno Cortez and Raniele. Avaí will have a third absence, Bruno Silva was banned by the medical department with a knee injury.

To replace these Barroca players, Diego Matos must be selected in the place of Bruno Cortez, Jean Cleber in place of Bruno Silva and Lucas Ventura closes the middle in the place of Raniele. The two midfielders are athletes who constantly enter Avaí games, unlike the side who played in just one match in the Brasileirão Serie A, in the 2-1 defeat to Atlético-GO.

In the medical department, Avaí also has Muriqui, Morato, Arthur Chaves, Romulo and Matheus Galdezani. All these athletes must continue recovering from their injuries and can play against Flamengo next Sunday.

With these absences, Avaí should go to the field for Ceará’s game with: Vladimir, Kevin, Bressan and Rafael Vaz, Diego Matos; Eduardo, Jean Cléber, Lucas Ventura; Bissoli, Pottker and Renato.

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Avai returns to the field this Tuesday (19), at 21:30, against Ceará, at Castelão, in a match valid for the 18th round of the Brazilian Championship. With the end of the round, Leão da Ilha is in 12th place with 21 points.

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