City Hall reopens Knowledge Ship of Vila Aliança, in Bangu – City Hall of the City of Rio de Janeiro

This is the sixth Knowledge Ship reactivated by SMCT – Mara Rosa/Rio City Hall

The City Hall of Rio, through the Municipal Science and Technology Department (SMCT), reopened, this Monday (7/18), the Knowledge Ship in Vila Aliança, in Bangu, in the West Zone of the city. The equipment will offer the population, free of charge, several options of courses, lectures and workshops aimed at training people for the job market in the technology area, a segment that grows day by day.

This is the sixth Knowledge Ship reactivated by the SMCT. Since December last year, with the reopening to the public of the Naves do Engenhão, Madureira, Nova Brasília, Triagem and Santa Cruz, the units have already received 73,597 users. As of January 2021, the Science and Technology Department carried out inspections, surveying the assets and the structural situation of the nine Knowledge Ships for a new bidding process, restructuring and management of all equipment.

Inaugurated on February 3, 2013, the Nave do Conhecimento Abdias do Nascimento was named in honor of the writer, poet, actor, sculptor, politician and social activist who defends culture and equality for Afro-descendant populations in the country. The space has high-tech interactive environments and aims to encourage the search for new knowledge and stimulate understanding of new technologies in a democratic way. Broadband internet access is free on site, as a result of a partnership with the operator Claro.

technological environments

Digital Reception – place where the user can register, reserve computers, consult the unit’s event schedule, in addition to giving suggestions.

Lan Table – space with computers for free internet access with guidance from a user assistance team.

Digital Library – environment with broadband access, which allows the population to consult collections from other libraries for school research and navigation in search of knowledge.

Multimedia Room – a place for classes with computers that also serves as support for educational activities at schools in the community.

Children’s Area – digital caves with tablets available for visitors.

To access the complete schedule of activities offered by Naves do Conhecimento and to register, simply access the website:

Monday to Friday, from 9 am to 9 pm.
Saturday, from 9:30 am to 4:30 pm.
Closed Sundays and holidays.

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