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The small Brazilian city that will be the World Capital of the Sea Economy

Paraty is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and will host the 1st Fishing & Sea Business Fair. In 2023, the event heads to Portugal.

Paraty has only 44 thousand inhabitants

The small town of Paraty lives in the south of the state of Rio de Janeiro, considered a “natural paradise” of beaches, islands and waterfalls. It is also a town closely linked to Portugal by its symbolism during the colonial period. For these and other reasons, Paraty will host, between the 15th and 18th of September, the event that promises to bring together more than five thousand participants at the 1st Sea Fishing & Business Fair.

The fair will serve to bring together in one place all those who have their business connected to the sea, from manufacturers to importers or distributors. In short, all those who participate in the production chain of the Economy of the Sea. The theme of diversity and sustainability will also be on the table.

For three days, the fair will host a nautical hall and sport fishing exhibitions. The program also intends to focus on the gastronomy of the sea, diving, underwater fishing and even host an international competition, the Paraty Open Kayak Fish.

The exhibition block of the event will also feature sport fishing boats, kayaks, stand up paddle boards, water scooters and yachts. The more professional and networking facet will feature workshops, lectures and workshops for all participants.

“We want to leave a milestone in the historic realization of the 1st International Fishing and Business at Sea Fair in Paraty which, in addition to the recognition it already has for its natural and sociocultural wealth and the heritage titles recognized by UNESCO, tends to become a reference in the Economy of the Sea and Sustainability”, explains Alexandre Tavares, the event’s creator.

After the event in Brazil, it will be time for the Fair to travel, in 2023, to Portugal, which will host its second edition. All you need to do is choose your destination city.

“The choice will not be simple, as there are several excellent potential candidates. We will make technical visits to the candidate cities, we will talk to representatives of the different sectors and we will know the reality of the economy of the sea in each region before we make the choice”, he notes. “For the host city, the event represents a major factor in generating business, developing the sea production chain and legacy.”

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