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In Brazil, there is a shortage of Information Technology professionals with more than 408 thousand jobs, according to Softex data. Even though there are many jobs in the technology sector, there is a lack of skilled labor. Today it is no longer enough to just have good technical knowledge, it is necessary to stand out. But, after all, how can a professional be valuable in the tech area?

Tech companies when recruiting professionals look for certain characteristics. One of the first points that draw attention is the years of experience and study. When we see technology professionals who have dedicated themselves for years to working or studying in the area, we are excited to know more about that person.

In addition to studying the technical parts of the area, it is also important to emphasize that knowing a second language, especially English, is essential to attract attention. A good part of the daily life of a technology professional involves the English language and, increasingly, there are opportunities for Brazilians to work in foreign companies, so understanding and knowing how to communicate is important. This does not mean that perfect English without an accent is necessary, companies need professionals who can communicate.

In addition, when professionals demonstrate that they are engaged in improving and delivering value on a daily basis, we begin to see them in a different light. Companies are not looking for someone who only knows the technical part, companies are looking for someone who wants to belong to that team and who is willing to improve their career every day.

Through the Andela platform, companies from around the world hire employees from more than 100 countries. That’s why we understand that knowing how to adapt and being flexible to deal with different cultures are interesting characteristics that can make your curriculum stand out even more.

In addition to these points, it is also necessary to highlight another one, which is the level of update that this professional has in relation to market news. The technology sector has a lot of news on a daily basis and we always have to deal with rapid changes. The individual who daily follows these market changes will always be a highlight.

The technology professional who is strictly technical has his space in the job market, but it is smaller when compared to other professionals who take other points, such as those mentioned above, into consideration. Our goal at Andela is to help companies recruit professionals based on these characteristics and we also take into account other preferences such as remote work. The job market is changing and both professionals and companies need to pay attention to the movements that are happening.

*Álvaro Oliveira is EVP & GM Talent Solutions at Andela.

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