Oral Health during the holidays

It’s time for the holidays, which is the ideal time to rest. However, we must not forget about our oral health.

Changing schedules, routines, eating away from home, consuming certain foods and drinks are some of the practices that are repeated most often during these rest periods.
In addition, it is not uncommon for some people to neglect their dental hygiene on vacation, increasing the risk of gum inflammation or tooth decay.
Taking care of your oral health is also possible during the holidays by adopting very simple tips such as:

– Use an oral hygiene travel kit
During your holidays, always carry a complete dental cleaning kit with you. Comprises a travel toothbrush, toothpaste and dental floss.

– Maintain the tooth brushing routine
Continue your dental care routine during the holidays by dedicating a few minutes a day to this practice.

– Caring for your toothbrush
If you are going to carry it in your purse or carry-on bag, make sure it is well protected so that it does not get damaged or contaminated. Keep it separate from the rest of the brushes in the family to avoid cross-contamination. And don’t forget to replace it with a new one every 2 or 3 months, or if you notice it has deteriorated.

– Keep your mouth hydrated
Drinking plenty of water helps maintain oral hygiene and balance the pH in your mouth when you eat out.
A sugar-free lozenge is a good alternative to protect your oral health if you don’t have the opportunity to brush your teeth after eating. The chewing gum generates a greater flow of saliva in the mouth, making it easier for food scraps to come out.

– Avoid sugary drinks
It is normal that in summer we feel more like drinking juices, soft drinks, ice cream and sweets. However, it is advisable to avoid sugary drinks or foods rich in sugar as much as possible.

– Limit consumption of cold foods and drinks.
Cold foods and drinks are also more appetizing during the summer holidays. However, they can increase tooth sensitivity. If you suffer from dental hypersensitivity, try not to drink drinks that are too hot or too cold.

– Avoid consumption of alcohol and tobacco
Moderate or avoid tobacco and alcohol consumption for dental care while on vacation. In addition to being unhealthy in general, both alcohol and tobacco favor the appearance of bad breath and affect the body’s natural defenses, making it more vulnerable to any type of infection.
Finally, brushing and taking care of your teeth daily is a habit that should not be abandoned. Although it is not necessary to deprive yourself of those little summer snacks.
Spend time cleaning your teeth every day, flawlessly.

Dr. H.Dawa
Specialist in Oral Surgery

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