more than 4000 tons of garbage removed from the streets of Canoas in July – Municipality of Canoas

The Cleaning Shock operation accounted for the removal of 4,673 tons of garbage from the city’s streets in the month of July. In all, 606 trucks of rubble, leftover works, vegetation and other materials were collected, which should be properly disposed of in the city’s Ecopoints.

The director of Shock Cleaning, Márcio Bittencourt, reinforces the importance of working together to keep the city clean.” We need the population to help with this work, we have Ecopoints precisely for correct disposal. Currently, even with the Cleaning Shock, it is often difficult to keep the city as clean as we wish”, he highlighted.

The Municipality of Canoas reinforces: in addition to harming the environment and urban living, the irregular disposal of waste on streets, sidewalks, squares, public or private land and ditches is ILLEGAL. The violator is subject to progressive fines from R$ 746.86, in addition to the obligation to remove and dispose of waste properly, according to the Municipal Urban Cleaning Code.

Keeping the city clean is everyone’s responsibility. The 5 Ecopoints are open daily (including Saturdays, Sundays and holidays), from 8 am to 12 pm and from 1 pm to 6 pm.

Check the addresses of the 5 Ecopoints:

Nazário Ecopoint
Northeast | Guajuviras
Location: Passo do Nazário Road – Access to the sanitary landfill – Bairro Guajuviras

Esperança ecopoint
Northeast | Guajuviras
Location: Avenida Esperança, 1346 – Bairro Guajuviras

foamy recycling bin
Northwest | Mathias Velho
Location: Rua Espumoso, 315 – Mathias Velho neighborhood

Rio Branco ecopoint
Southwest | White River
Location: Rua Hermes da Fonseca, 1770 – Bairro Rio Branco

Niterói Ecopoint
Southeast | Niterói
Location: Rua Paulo Fonteles, 1560 – Neighborhood Niterói

For more information about ecopoints and what types of materials can be discarded, visit

Cleaning Shock
Carried out by the Department of Urban Services, with support from the Environment, Transport and Mobility departments and sub-prefectures, the Cleaning Shock operation works weekly to remove debris and irregular waste disposal in certain neighborhoods.

Clean City Program
The Municipality of Canoas develops a joint work, through the “Cidade Limpa” program, aiming at the maintenance of roads, public spaces and expansion of the destination of recyclable materials. The initiative encompasses actions such as the Cleaning Shock operation, Ecopoints, contracts with the eight Recycling Cooperatives and the carrying out of Household and Selective Collections.

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