Discover the best places to visit in Las Vegas

Thinking of Las Vegas immediately takes us to the luxurious universe of casinos, is it not
same? This will also, of course, be part of the itinerary… but come and discover the places that
not to be missed when visiting Las Vegas.

You think of Las Vegas and the idea of ​​Sin City immediately comes to your mind,
that never sleeps and where the night turns with roulette and slot machine reels.

In fact, this city is recognized across the globe for its casinos and for being a
permanently awake city, which offers leisure options to its visitors
24 hours a day, with services operating permanently.

Restaurants, casinos, concerts and even museums offer unlikely hours and invite
all who visit the city to live an experience of strong emotions, throughout
day and all night.

Of course, the casinos are the city’s biggest attraction – as all the
films about Las Vegas – but the options are quite varied, allowing you to enjoy
much more than gambling.

Come and discover the best places to visit in Las Vegas.

1 – Theme Hotels

In Las Vegas it is very easy to find themed hotels, which take you to specific environments and even the world of movies and cinema.

In addition to being able to stay in these hotels, you can visit them or enjoy their totally exclusive tourist attractions.

Some of the most famous examples are Ceasars Palace, Bellagio, Cosmopolitan, or Planet Hollywood.

2 – Grand Canyon

If you’re in Las Vegas, you can’t miss one of the best-known tourist spots on the globe, which will invite you to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

We are talking about the Grand Canyon, a place with a unique and magnificent landscape, which is only 3 hours from the city of casinos.

Here, you can make several radical experiences, such as kayaking down the river or taking a helicopter ride.

3 – Stratosphere Casino Hotel

The top of the Stratosphere Hotel and Casino deserves particular attention as it contains the highest tower in the state of Nevada.

At the top of this hotel, you will be invited to see the best view of the city, as this tower contains an observatory.

Extreme options are also possible, with entertainment options at the top of the tower, including a 353 meter high roller coaster.

4 – Cirque du Solei

If you like circus shows, you can’t miss Cirque du Soleil, which has six different attractions in Las Vegas, with different themes.

Beatles and Michael Jackson join universes of cabaret, magic and opera, with options that appeal to everyone and are intended for all ages.

5 – Old Las Vegas

If you are in Las Vegas, you will have to know the famous Downtown, also called Old Las Vegas.

Here, you will have contact with the oldest casinos and hotels in the city, which have great recreational and historical value.

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