Historical and civic appreciation, added to entertainment, mark the celebration of Jaguariaíva’s 199 years | Campos Mail

WITH ADVISORS – The VII Cultural Festival and III Festa do Peão de Jaguariaíva provided fun, culture and knowledge of history and traditions to thousands of Jaguariaivenses and visitors. There were five days of commemorative festivities for the municipality’s 199th anniversary, held by the municipal administration. Shows and rodeo were promoted by the company Tulum, which won the bid to hold the event.

There was a lot of emotion at the official opening ceremony, 15, with the presence of Mayor Alcione Lemos, who greeted the public and celebrated the 199 years of Jaguariaíva, along with authorities, representative of the Alma sem Fronteiras Tropeiros Club, organizers, misses Leonarda, Gabrielle, Stefanie and Mayra and pedestrians, who debuted the rodeo. Everyone then sang “Congratulations” to Jaguariaíva, there was a fireworks display and an image of the Countdown Timer for the 200th anniversary of the municipality, located in Praça Getúlio Vargas, was shown on the big screen.

Still on Thursday, the 15th, with a full house, a show by Zé Neto and Cristiano rocked the audience. During the day there was Café Tropeiro and Cavalgada, followed by a Civic Act at Praça Getúlio Vargas, with the greeting of Mayor Alcione, who together with authorities and citizens, recorded gratitude for life after a difficult period of pandemic and the resumption of development. Then there was a Thanksgiving Mass, given by the Diocesan Bishop of Jacarezinho, Dom Antônio Braz Benevente, bringing together the three Catholic communities of the municipality.

The festivities continued with performances by big names in country music. Friday, the 16th, was a night of “relaxation”, with the show Boate Azul, with Gian and Giovani, along with Edson and Hudson, who bet on romanticism and lyrics that are on the tip of the public’s tongue.

On the 14th, 17th and 18th, the stage was for the duos Diego and Victor Hugo, Rafael Frare, Fernando and Sorocaba and Kaik and Alessandro. They interacted a lot with the audience and rocked the venue with root sertanejo, university and top chart hits.

There was also excitement in the “badinha” with DJ’s after the shows. Incentives for the voluntary donation of food to Projeto Vida, a local institution that supports the treatment of chemical dependents, was given in two days of free admission to the festival.

History and Culture

The municipal administration, through the Secretariat of Education, Culture, Sport and Leisure (SMECEL), took to the public a little of the rich history and culture of Jaguariaíva, in all its cycles, and much of what has already been told in previous festivals, from the first in 2011. Tropeirismo, Ferrovia, Matarazzo, Ciclo da Madeira and Ciclo Industrial, Freguesia and the walk to the bicentennial, to be celebrated in September 2023, were the focus of the thematic stands, which also had an educational nature.


In the arena, there was a lot of adrenaline during the rides on bulls like “Minefield”, “Pirate”, “Diluvio”, “Traitor” and others, which made life difficult for the competitors. There were 27 pedestrians who tried balance and technique for at least eight seconds on the animals.

The winner was young Fabrício Rener, from Igaratá, with a cumulative 173 points, followed by Álvaro Boch (Carambeí), Rauy Natan (Estiva Gerbi), Júlio Felix (Boituva) and Agnelo de Castro, from Jaguariaíva. The award was attended by Mayor Alcione and other authorities. Fireworks and animation by rodeo announcers brightened the opening and closing stages of the qualifiers.


The descents and stairs leading to Cidade Alta, one of Jaguariaíva’s trademarks, were highlighted on Saturday, 17th, and Sunday, 18th, during free practice and 5th Stage of the 2022 Paranaense Urban Downhill Championship. all of Paraná participated. “Only praise about our city! We have become a reference in Urban Downhill”, says Anderson de Barros Soares, aka Deco, organizer of the event, held with the support of the municipal administration, as part of the commemorative program. Result, with the name of the winners, is available on the link https://abre.ai/e4b2.

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