Sport in the metaverse grows and businessman Phillippe Rubini comments on the scenario in the middle of the fights

Despite being still unknown to many people, the metaverse is already a reality. The term, which gained popularity after Facebook’s name change to Meta, serves to represent a virtual, realistic and interactive world.

Businessman Phillippe Rubini spoke about the sports scene and the struggles in the metaverse (Photo: Personal archive)

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In the metaverse, people are represented by customized 3D avatars, they can buy products, services and interact with each other online. In the midst of this scenario, NFTs, cryptocurrencies and the development of eSports also appear.

Reality reached the fighting world, and earlier this year LegionFarm hosted the first boxing match in the metaverse. On the occasion, Russian Khabib Nurmagomedov and American Max Holloway, two former UFC champions, met in a virtual ring. They fought on Oculus Quest 2 headsets, and Khabib prevailed.

The characters chosen as avatars came from the movie “Rocky 4”, with Khabib from Apollo Creed and Holloway playing Ivan Drago. The fight was streamed live on Twitch. For businessman and investor Phillippe Rubini, CEO of Grupo Fictor Holding – specialized in Business Management -, the current scenario serves to reinforce the future of the metaverse.

– We had Rock in Rio with a metaverse, the New Year being projected from the metaverse, publicity actions, so everything connected to this universe is very promising. Today we even talk about medicine in the metaverse, surgeries, that is, a doctor in Japan operating here in Brazil through a robot, for example. It is a very comprehensive market and it is already a reality,” he explained.

sport in the metaverse

If the boxing match between Khabib and Holloway opened doors, the tendency is that many others will soon take place in the metaverse, as projected by Phillippe:

– I believe that the sport in the metaverse will become a fever, bigger than the NBA, NFL, since it already exists. Today we have eSports, which is practically a sport in the metaverse in games like GTA, LoL and CS, so it would actually be an evolution. I see not only sports adapting to the metaverse, but also new sports emerging because of the metaverse.

– The fights, for sure, will be in this environment, not only Boxing, but UFC, Karate, Taekwondo and others. In all of them it will be possible to watch in the metaverse, and not only that, bring more visibility to the sport in question, raise its competition format. In my opinion, I believe that soon many sports will migrate to the metaverse, with everything being organized and performed there.

Complementing Phillippe Rubini’s idea, Dana White, president of the UFC, recently spoke about the topic in an interview with the Full Send Podcast: – We want to fight in the metaverse. We’ve been working on it for some time, whether it’s a live fight, or a real fight that takes place inside the metaverse,” said the president. “You could buy seats, yes… And it works with everything. Works with social networks, works with streaming – ended.

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