Yerba mate becomes art in the hands of students during a workshop at schools in the region – Region

4th year student Cleber da Silva, 10, used his creativity when it came to transforming yerba mate into art. A student at the Francisco Xavier Kunst Municipal School, Cleber used glue on the craft sheet to shape the main ingredient in mate.

“I drew a gaucho, a horse, a tree, the bush and the grass”, commented the student, one of the participants in the art-education workshop of the Estância da Arte project. The initiative ended this Monday (19), after 15 meetings in September in public schools in Ivoti, Morro Reuter, Novo Hamburgo, Gravataí, Montenegro, Encantado, Esteio and Dois Irmãos.

Cleber (center) and colleagues show the works they created with natural materials
Photo: Susi Mello/GES-Especial

Cleber had the guidance of the psychopedagogue Faheana Thönnigs, who taught the workshop, in which students from the 1st to the 5th year used materials such as yerba mate, glue, sulphite paper and pollen, water and brush, in an activity that speaks to the culture of the State through of art, using natural materials.

Throughout this month, plastic artist Alejandro Arnutti taught a sculpture workshop for the Estância da Arte project with 8th and 9th grade classes at other schools.

In addition to Cleber, another 32 students from the 4th and 5th grade classes, from teachers Sulamar Luz and Denise Macedo, had the experience of creating figures with yerba mate on Monday morning. Faheana explains that the idea was for each student to draw their experience as a gaucho.

Initiative started within Expointer

Daniel Henz, from Produção Simples Assim, creator of Estância da Arte, explains that the project started at Expointer.

In the last edition, it was the second time that there was a space for artistic exhibition. In 100 square meters, 32 works of art – including sculptures and paintings depicting the life of the gaucho, by Alejandro Arnutti, under the curatorship of Marciano Schmitz – were appreciated by more than 30 thousand visitors.

“As it was not possible to hold the workshops at Expointer, we extended Estância da Arte and today (yesterday) we ended with the last of the 15 workshops to bring a little of the project to the Metropolitan Region and Vale do Sinos”, he explains.

The Estância da Arte project is made possible through the Federal Law of Incentive to Culture. It has diamond sponsorship from Banco De Lage Landen, gold sponsorship from Marcher Brasil and Baldo S/A, silver sponsorship from Lojas TaQi, Multi Armazéns, Banco Regional de Desenvolvimento do Extremo Sul (BRDE), TFL do Brasil and Lojas Quero Quero. Simples Assim and Special Secretariat for Culture, Ministry of Tourism.

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