Anniversary of the Botanical Garden of Santos brings together more than two thousand people


The celebration of the 28th anniversary of the Chico Mendes Botanical Garden (Bom Retiro), promoted this Saturday (24), by the Secretary of the Environment, brought together more than two thousand people in the immense green area, formed by 90 thousand square meters, in the of Bom Retiro.

The opening was marked by the presentation of the band Voluntários da Reserva Militar, conducted by maestro Claudio Guiller Telles. “It’s been 28 years of a lot of nature and what I wish for the Park is that it be constantly enjoyed by all Santos residents”. From early on, many attractions amidst the trees and flowers, such as the exhibition of old cars, the craft and cooking fair gave a special touch to the tour of those who were there.

During the day there were theatrical presentations, musicals and toys for the children. Those who visited the park for the first time were surprised by the structure set up. This was the case of the self-employed Henrique Nascimento, 36, who came with his family from Barueri to see the tourist attractions in Santos.

“We came for the first time and we were lucky to be on this day so full of attractions. We really liked it here, we did the trail with the children, we felt a very welcoming family atmosphere. We will definitely recommend this tour to our friends in our city”, she praised.

Barueri’s family came to see the attractions of Santos: “We will recommend it to our friends”

Another novelty was the inauguration of a new space to rest and a great option of scenery for photos. A wooden pergola measuring approximately three meters high and 2.50 meters wide, designed by members of the Creative Ecofábrica Project, which is based on the reuse of materials, reduction of waste and training of servers and citizens, within the concept of circular economy and creative.

Wooden pergola with bench for rest or photo follows the concept of reuse and creative economy

According to the project coordinator, Anderson Camargo, the entire structure was produced and assembled in four days. “It was a challenge, but we left the participants open to create, so everything we see here was thought and built by them. Under the guidance of carpenter Carlos, they even idealized the landscaping, the details in the woods, the color of the floor. We were all very happy with the result,” he explained.

For the municipal secretary of the Environment, Marcos Libório, the park has become a regional reference for environmental education and is an important space for integration with nature. “Here we have 90 thousand square meters and more than 300 plant species catalogued. It is where children can touch, feel and visualize specimens of the Atlantic Forest and Amazon Forest, inside Santos. The Botanical Garden is a beautiful place, for all Santos residents”.

Child is enchanted by miniature kombis on display


The Botanical Garden is the second largest green area in the city, second only to the waterfront gardens. There are more than 300 cataloged plant species, such as specimens from the Atlantic Forest and Amazon Forest, palm trees and the pau-brasil forest.

The park combines leisure, environmental education and is an option for sports, with an outdoor gym, and contact with nature. It is the stage for courses in environmental education and in the areas of Culture and Health.

It has an interactive fountain, a bird observatory, a playground, it has benches and wooden tables, ideal for contemplating the three lakes where tilapia and carp live and are also frequently visited by water birds.

The place is also used for picnics, birthday celebrations or to enjoy moments of calm among the green.


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