“Los reyes del mundo” wins San Sebastián

The film by the Colombian director Laura Mora, “The Kings of the World” took home the Golden Shell for Best Picture at the San Sebastian Film Festivalbeing the third consecutive year that a female director has won the festival’s top prize.

Director Laura Mora

The film is Laura Mora’s second and is a drama that portrays the development of a group of street kids from Medellin in a raw and unsentimental way. It revolves around your adventure from the city to the jungle, looking for ancestral lands.

“The Kings of the World” proved popular with critics, but still not the most obvious choice for victory, in a festival with the likes of Sebastian Lelio, Hong Sangsoo and Christophe Honoré.

Laura Mora had already been under the radar with the premiere of her first feature film, in 2017, “Kill Jesus”which earned him an Honorable Mention in San Sebastián, in the New Directors category.

Below is the full list of winners:


Golden Shell for Best Picture: “Los reyes del mundo”, Laura Mora

Special Jury Prize: “Runner”, Marian Mathias

Silver Shell for Best Director: “A Hundred Flowers”, Genki Kawamura

Silver Shell for Best Leading Performance (ex-aequo): “La Maternal”, Carla Quílez; “Winter Boy”, Paul Kircher

Silver Shell for Best Supporting Performance: “The Substitute”, Renata Lerman

Best Screenplay: “A Woman”, Wang Chao

Best Cinematography: “Pornomelancholy”, Manuel Abramovich


New Directors Award: “Spare Keys”, Jeanne Aslan and Paul Saintillan

New Directors Award (Honorable Mention): “On Either Side of the Pond”, Parth Saurabh

Horizontes Latinos Award: “I Have Electric Dreams”, Valentina Maurel

Zabaltegi-Tabakalera Prize: “Godland”, Hlynur Pálmason

Audience Award for Best Film: “Argentina, 1985”, Santiago Miter

Audience Award for Best European Film: “The Beasts”, Rodrigo Sorogoyen

Spanish Cooperation Award: “Noise”, Karla Moreno, María José Córdova

RTVE Prize Another Look: “El Sostre Groc”, Isabel Coixet

RTVE Another Look Award (Honorable Mention): “Corsage”, Marie Kreutzer

Irizar Basque Award: “Suro”, Mikel Gurrea

Irizar Basque Award (Special Mention): “To Books and Women I Sing”, Maria Elorza

TCM Youth Award: “To Books and Women I Sing”, Maria Elorza


Euskadi Prize Basque Country Agenda 2030: “Tori and Lokita”, Jean-Pierre and Luc Dardenne

Dunio Asaya Award: “Tobacco Barns”, Rocio Mesa

Asaya Award (Honorable Mention): “El Sostre Groc”, Isabel Coixet

FIPRESCI Award: “Suro”, Mikel Gurrea

Feroz Zinemaldia Award: “The Kings of the World”, Laura Mora

Euskal Gidoigileen Elkartea Award: “Suro”, Mikel Gurrea and Francisco Kosterlitz

Sebastiane Award: “Something You Said Last Night”, Luis de Filippis

Lurra Greenpeace Award: “Alcarras”, Carla Simon

SIGNIS Award: “Los reyes del mundo”, Laura Mora

SIGNIS Award (Honorable Mention): “Runner”, Marian Mathias

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