Baiano Victor Rocha goes to the semi in the 37th Bahia Juniors Cup – Esporte

Bahia is looking for another final in the 37th edition of the Bahia Juniors Cup, in Salvador (BA), one of the most important youth tournaments in the country and the ones that most reveal talents for national tennis, held at the Costa Verde Tennis Club, in neighborhood of Piata. The tournament has a partnership with the Bahia Tennis Federation and has the support of Sudesb.

This Thursday, Bahia’s Victor Rocha secured himself in the semifinal in the 16-year-old category by defeating Nicholas Ros by 6/4 7/5 and will face this Friday, at 9 am, Bruno Varella for a place in the decision. The tournament counts points in the South American ranking. The other semifinal will be between Bruno Malaca and Arthur Vusberg.

In the world category up to 18 years old, the two main favorites for men and women were eliminated. Among women, Chilean Martina Pavissch fell to Rio de Janeiro Gabriela Felix by 6/2 6/3. Felix faces Maria Luisa Oliveira, third favorite, who defeated Paola Dalmonico by 6/2 6/4. The other semi will be between the Pernambuco Cecilia Costa and Olivia Carneiro, respective seeds 4 and 2. Cecilia beat Sofia Perovani by 6/2 3/1 when the rival abandoned. Olivia scored a double 6/2 on Luisa Silvestre.

Among the boys, Henrique Constanzi defeated the main favorite, the Argentine Gonzalo Zeitune, by 6/4 6/1 and faces the Brazilian Pedro Rodrigues who passed Rafael Sabio by 6/3 6/4. The other semi will be entirely from Paraná with Matheus de Lima, fourth favorite, facing the second seed, Gustavo Almeida. Matheus passed Luis Sandoval 6/1 1/6 6/4 and Almeida defeated Nicolas Oliveira 6/4 3/6 6/1.

Friday marks the penultimate day of the event with games for 14 and 16 year olds starting at 9:00 am and the main category no earlier than 10:30 am. The day will have doubles finals. At the age of 18, Argentines Gonzalo Zeitune and Maximo Zeitune face Brazilians Gustavo Almeida and Thiago Guglieri. In the female category, the Brazilians Olivia Carneiro and Maria Luisa Oliveira face the American duo Athena Pacifico and the Chilean Martina Pavissch.

The Bahia Juniors Cup has a tradition of revealing great names in national tennis. Last year, the carioca João Fonseca won his first international title and today he ranks 55th in the world at just 15 years old and has reached the round of 16 at Roland Garros and Wimbledon this season. Gustavo Kuerten was champion in 1993, passing in the final by Duda Catharino Gordilho in the final of three sets. Marcelo Melo, André Sá, Jaime Oncins and Flávio Saretta, among others, have already played in the tournament that has been taking place since 1985.

Thursday’s Results:

Gabriela FELIX (BRA) [5] 2×0 Martina PAVISSICH (CHI) [1] 6/2 6/3

Olivia CARNEIRO (BRA) [2] 2×0 Luisa Silvestre da Rosa SILVESTRE (BRA) 6/2 6/2

Maria Luisa OLIVEIRA (BRA) [3] 2×0 Paola UENO DALMONICO (BRA) [7] 6/2 6/4

Cecilia COSTA (BRA) [4] 1×0 Sofia COHEN PEROVANI (BRA) [8] 6/2 3/1 abandonment

Henrique COSTANZIDE BRITO (BRA) [5] 2×0 Gonzalo ZEITUNE (ARG) [1] 6/4 6/1

Gustavo Ribeiro DE ALMEIDA (BRA) [2] 2×1 Nicolas OLIVEIRA (BRA) [8] 6/4 3/6 6/1

Pedro RODRIGUES (BRA) [3] 2×0 Rafael SBEGHEN SABIO (BRA) [7] 6/3 6/4

Matheus Amorim DE LIMA (BRA) [4] 2×0 Luis Felipe FERRAZ SANDOVAL CARVALHO (BRA) 6/3 6/4

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