Mining operations in Serra do Curral are suspended

The inspection aims to continue the actions in defense of Serra do Curral

The Public Ministry of Minas Gerais (MPMG) and the Secretary of State for the Environment (Semad), carried out on the morning of this Thursday (29/9), an action in Serra do Curral with the objective of inspecting the company Gute Sicht and notifying on the Notice of Infraction drawn up against the mining company, irregularities were found that culminated in the consequent suspension of the company’s mining activities, which has a period of 20 days to file an appeal.

There are also investigations on the suppression of vegetation without authorization from the environmental agency, which the company claims was carried out for the execution of emergency drainage work. All non-conformities identified in the project process were pointed out by the Government of Minas to the Public Ministry of Minas Gerais, which also followed up on the action to suspend activities. The unfolding of the inspection action, as well as the analysis of technical documents, object of the mining company’s lawsuit, will be analyzed jointly with the Public Ministry.

The action reinforces the importance of cooperation between Semad and the Public Ministry, who work together in a collaborative and strategic way in defense of the Environment.


Mineradora Gute Sicht operated under a Conduct Adjustment Term – TAC signed in 2021 with Semad. The term has the condition to provisionally regularize the operation of a company, with the possibility of an agreement provided for in the legislation of Minas Gerais. However, possible irregularities were verified in the mining company’s operation, which suppressed an area of ​​vegetation that was not agreed within the TAC. The non-conformity was initially verified by Semad’s inspection action and resulting from the precaution established by the State Institute of Historic and Artistic Heritage (Iepha) which currently guarantees temporary protection to Serra do Curral.

The company claimed that the vegetation was removed to carry out an emergency drainage work, which was validated through an amendment to the TAC. This measure, however, was reassessed by Semad, and the amendment was canceled last Friday, 09/23, since the term allowed the increase in the area of ​​exploration of mining activity. The server responsible for the amendment to the TAC was exonerated and all acts of the administrative process began to be reviewed, by determination of the Secretary of State for the Environment and Sustainable Development, Marília Melo, culminating in this Thursday’s action (29).

Interim Protection

Semad’s action that culminated in the cancellation of the 2nd Amendment to the TAC took place because the precaution adopted by the Government of Minas, which guarantees temporary protection to Serra do Curral, is still in force.

The precaution is part of the State Government’s commitment to continue acting in favor of the preservation of Serra do Curral and sustainable development with legal support.

In June, Governor Romeu Zema signed a decree determining the Serra do Curral (in its scope that includes municipalities of Belo Horizonte, Nova Lima and Sabará) as an asset of relevant cultural interest in the State due to its historical, scenic, artistic, archaeological value. , paleontological, ecological and scientific. By means of an order, measures were requested from the State Departments of Culture and Tourism (Secult) and of Environment and Sustainable Development (Semad) to proceed with the protection of the property.

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