Record TV and ‘Domingo Espetacular’ participate in the Emmy Awards – Entertainment

THE Record TV it’s the Spectacular Sunday participated this Wednesday (28) at the 2022 Emmy Awards, considered the Oscars of television. The broadcaster and the program competed for the award in the News and Current Affairs category, with the article Parkinson’s Researchproduced by journalist André Tal.

In the report, André revealed that he fought for years in secret against Parkinson’s disease. The journalist told his own story and participated in an innovative treatment in the United States. The Brazilian physician Marc Abreu has been obtaining promising results with an experimental therapy.

In an interview with R7 Last month, André told how he received the news of the award nomination. “I was really, really happy, I’m really happy, just being nominated to be a finalist for an award like this is already a huge victory.”

The journalist, who has two Esso awards and an Embratel award under his belt, was nominated for an Emmy for the first time. André, who is a great storyteller, celebrates the opportunity to share his own story with others.

“It’s really cool to be able to talk about fragility, to show the other side a little. We’re always on television, telling others’ stories, and being able to tell my own story is really cool. record having given this space for me to be able to talk about something that had been bothering me for so many years. After the article, I think a lot of people with Parkinson’s wrote to me, felt represented, saw their own story in me. So somehow it was a break of silence for a lot of people consequently.”

The journalist also reflects on the meaning of the award for his career, which, according to him, goes beyond professional recognition.

“I think that, more than having my work recognized, what makes me happy is to show that, despite a diagnosis like this, I continue to do great things, to the point of being nominated for the final of an award like the Emmy. with Parkinson’s, we’re competing with the beasts of world journalism. So, the diagnosis wasn’t a sign that it’s all over, life goes on.

The winner in the category was the German production “In Search of the Monsters”, about Mohamedou Slahi, considered one of the most dangerous terrorists in the world and who was imprisoned in Guantánamo for 14 years.

Watch André Tal’s report:


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