Defined company that will provide technology for the Digital Rotary parking of Novo Hamburgo – Novo Hamburgo

The company that won the bid for the new rotary parking system for Novo Hamburgo is G2 Empreendimentos e Logística Ltda, based in Cornélio Procópio, Paraná. The Digital Rotary, which will replace the Noble Belt, will be implemented this month, as forecast by the Municipal Urbanism Company (Comur). As the name implies, it will be completely digital, with the possibility for the user to have the application on their smartphone to make reservations.

Defined company that will provide technology for the Digital Rotary parking in Novo Hamburgo
Photo: Tatiane Brandão/PMNH

According to the City Hall, the company will be responsible for providing the city’s parking technology solution. According to the director general of Comur, Maurício Saul, Rotativo Digital will democratize the access of drivers to the main roads of Novo Hamburgo by allowing a greater turnover in the Center. “From the moment the user has the application downloaded, he discovers that the process is extremely simple and practical”, he highlights.

The rotation implementation date will be defined in the next few days. According to Comur, “there will be a meeting later this week with the Department of Urban Development and Housing (Seduh) to define the next steps in the process of implementing the new system”.

New system

With the new system, the forms of validation and payment of the parking ticket will be made via the app, with an increase in the maximum time the vehicle can stay in the parking space from the current 2 to 3 hours. The city center will have two charged areas, the Green Zone and the Blue Zone, the first with more than 1,200 spaces and the second, well centralized, with 740 parking spots. Of the total, 5% will be destined for the elderly and 2% for vehicles of people with disabilities (PCD), duly registered.

Among the novelties, the use of the vacancy for half an hour, with the possibility of up to three hours (currently the cards are per hour, with a maximum time of two hours). The third hour, if used, will be charged twice. Another novelty is the possibility of canceling excess purchased credit. For example: booked an hour, but returned before the first half hour was up.

The person who forgot to reserve the spot is notified. She will have 24 hours to make the agreement with Comur, paying 10 times the amount, without risk of being notified by the transit authority.

The entire operation will be through Comur employees. They will use the equipment for reading the plates in a system interconnected with the Municipal Guard and the Department of Urban Development. A panel, in the control center, will tell you if the space is free, occupied, if it has been paid for or not and if the usage time has expired.

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