Gospel and good examples: meet Henrique Braz

Born in Vila Cruzeiro, south of the capital, Henrique Braz begins to stand out in the gaucho gospel scene. He is a member of the Lagoinha Baptist Church, where he has served as a minister of praise and of the word.

– I played outside the church. At the age of 13, I met Jesus: it transformed my life. I believe I managed to attract a lot of people to this medium. Since I was a child, I carry something I love so much, which is music, even with difficulties. God has always prepared opportunities for access to the arts and, with that, I developed myself. When I discovered the church, at age 13, I was converted to the Gospel. Since then, I have never stopped singing and preaching the word of God. Through my friend Jonas Davi and his producer, Lion Keys, I had the opportunity to start recording original songs – comments Henrique.

When he started to perform at the Vila Cruzeiro Residents’ Association, Henrique took the risk of playing percussion and then continued learning other instruments.

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Faith in life

In a region fraught with drug trafficking and violence, Henrique tries to do a different job of conveying good messages. The conviction of helping the youth of the neighborhood where he lives will be evident in the release of the next EP, Amor Profundo, with four tracks authored.

– We have great expectations, because we know that this work has great relevance in our midst and will serve Christ a lot. This work expresses something simple but profound: the love of God. Our Rio Grande do Sul needs to know this love, he says.

Before, he had already released the singles Habita em Mim, in 2019, and Amor Profundo, in 2021, written by his friend and producer Jonas.

Leader of a youth group at the church, Henrique intends to establish himself as a good influence, through music, for the kids around him.

– The record will serve a lot to impact our generation – believes the musician.

Producer Jonas Davi, who accompanies Henrique on several works, attests:

– He has dragged many young people to good paths.


Adriano Brasil, artistic producer, talks about Henrique’s work:

– Talented musician, he has a lot of future in this strong market in the country, which is gospel music. I believe that, if you continue to invest in your own songs, you will gain prominence in this scenario.

Here, the space is all yours:

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