Second favorite is eliminated in the 13th Santa Catarina Cup in Itajaí – Esporte

Tuesday with a big surprise in the main draw of the 13th Santa Catarina International Tennis Cup – ADK Juniors Cup, youth event with important points in the ranking of the International Tennis Federation. The tournament will take place until next Saturday, the 8th, on the clay courts of Itamirim Clube de Campo, in Itajaí (SC), in partnership with the Catarinense Tennis Federation.

Olivia Carneiro, seed 2, from São Paulo, was surpassed by the lucky loser Sophia Cardoso, 16, from Minas Gerais, by 6/1 7/6 (7/5). Sophia will face the American Lilian Santos who passed the tennis player from Itajaí, Luisa Silvestre by a double 6/3. The main favorite, the Chilean Martina Pavissch, debuted with a victory overcoming the Brazilian Julia Pereira by 6/2 6/1 and measures forces against the Brazilian Yasmin Costa.

Among the men, a day without surprises with the 3rd and 4th seeded advancing. Matheus de Lima, third favorite, passed the Brazilian qualifier Davi Savi by 6/2 6/0 and faces the Brazilian Enzo Crevelaro. The fourth favorite, the player from Ribeirão Preto (SP), Rafael Sabio, defeated Vitor Gonçalves by 6/2 6/0 and faces Rafael Padilha.

This Wednesday’s round will be with all the round of 16 games – starting at 12:30 pm – defining all the quadrifinalists in the event that is sponsored by Taroii Investment Group and has athletes from ten countries. In addition to Brazil, players from Argentina, Uruguay, Chile, Paraguay, Bolivia, Peru, Japan, France and the United States. Categories 14 and 16 years old have disputes with South American ranking points with games starting at 8:30 am.

Tuesday’s Results:

Martina PAVISSICH (CHI) [1] 2×0 Julia VIESI SANTORO PEREIRA (BRA) 6/2 6/1
Sophia Cardoso (BRA) 2×0 Olivia CARNEIRO (BRA) [2] 6/1 7/6 (5)
Athena ROSAS-PACIFICO (USA) [6] 2×0 Maria MUNHOZ (BRA) 6/3 6/4
Yasmin de Fatima COSTA (BRA) 2×0 Livia RODRIGUES DAUD (BRA) 6/0 6/4
Lillian SANTOS (USA) 2×0 Luisa SILVESTRE DA ROSA (BRA) 6/3 6/3
Vitoria MAXIMILIANO (BRA) 2×0 Antonia DE MELO FERRARINI (BRA) 6/3 6/4
Gabriela PIMENTEL (PER) 2×0 Isabelle TURRA KARAM (BRA) 6/2 6/1

Matheus Amorim DE LIMA (BRA) [3] 2×0 Davi SAVI (BRA) 6/2 6/0
Rafael SBEGHEN SABIO (BRA) [4] 2×0 Vitor COSTA GONCALVES (BRA) 6/3 6/0
Thiago DROZDOWSKI (PAR) [7] vs. Victor BRAGA (BRA) 2×0 Thiago DROZDOWSKI (PAR) [7] 6/2 6/3
Valentin GARAY (ARG) [8] 2×0 Thomas KANO (BRA) 6/3 6/2
Rafael MUNIZ PADILHA (BRA) 2×0 Leonardo MACHADO JANUARIO (BRA) 6/3 6/0
Enzo SAKIYAMA (BRA) 2×0 Filipe COSTA (BRA) 6/4 7/5
Enzo CREVELARO (BRA) 2×0 Bastian ZAMORA (CHI) 7/6 (5) 6/4
Eduardo VALENTIN (BRA) 2×0 Enzo TAFARELO VARGAS (BRA) 6/3 6/3

World tournament schedule up to 18 years old this Wednesday:

block 1

12:30 pm – Martina PAVISSICH (CHI) [1] vs. Yasmin de Fatima COSTA (BRA)
1:30 pm – Leonardo BASTOS (BRA) vs. William NORTON (BRA) [6]

block 2
12:30 – Kakou NARITA (JPN) vs. Gabriela FELIX DA SILVA (BRA) [5]
1:30 pm – Stephan NOALE (BRA) vs. Gustavo Ribeiro DE ALMEIDA (BRA) [2]

block 3
12:30 pm – Maria Luisa OLIVEIRA (BRA) [3] vs. Candela VAZQUEZ (ARG)
1:30 pm – Victor TOSETTO (BRA) [1] vs. Kaua Emanuel PEREIRA DOS SANTOS (BRA)

block 4
12:30 – Vitória MAXIMILIANO (BRA) vs. Athena ROSAS-PACIFICO (USA) [6]
1:30 pm – Enzo CREVELARO (BRA) vs. Matheus Amorim DE LIMA (BRA) [3]

block 5
12:30 pm – Olivia BUSTOS (USA) [8] vs. Gabriela KAWANO CHO (BRA)
1:30 pm – Rafael SBEGHEN SABIO (BRA) [4] vs. Rafael MUNIZ PADILHA (BRA)

block 10
12:30 – Greta ZAWELS (ARG) vs. Cecilia COSTA (BRA) [4]
1:30 pm – Nicolas OLIVEIRA (BRA) [5] vs. Thiago GUGLIERI (BRA)

block 11
12:30 pm – Paola UENO DALMONICO (BRA) [7] vs. Gabriela PIMENTEL (PER)
1:30 pm – Eduardo VALENTIN (BRA) vs. Valentin GARAY (ARG) [8]

block 12
12:30 pm – Lillian SANTOS (USA) vs. Catharina Sophia ANDRADE CARDOSO (BRA)
1:30 pm – Victor BRAGA (BRA) vs. Enzo SAKIYAMA (BRA)

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